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Do this now. #

If you are a Windows XP user, run, don't walk, to Mozy.com (covered earlier this month) and signup for a free account. This is the coolest and easiest online backup service I have ever seen, or could ever even imagine. I sincerely hope these guys offer an option to pay for upgraded service (more storage, restores, etc). Can I purchase stock now before Google buys them out?

/misc | Nov 30, 2005

MS-Word 5.5 for DOS free from Microsoft #

Ritilan has the scoop.

/windows | Nov 28, 2005

launchd scheduling woes (and cron to the rescue!) #

One of the Unix features touted in Tiger is launchd, which is supposed to replace cron (among many other things).

However, I simply could not get scheduling to work after several hours, even though StartCalendarInterval was reportedly fixed in 10.4.2 (I'm running 10.4.3). Here are some of the resources I used:

Webpages and documentation:

Plist editors:

The ultimate solution? Going back to cron (via the insanely helpful CronniX). Cron and CronniX accomplished in 3 minutes what launchd could not do in 3 hours.

P.S. Until today, I never imagined I'd find myself praying for the Windows Task Scheduler ;-)

/mac | Nov 27, 2005

UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.0.2 #

This looks like an interesting project... lots of activity in the forum. As always: "You are 100% responsible for your own actions. Using this site, visiting a link, downloading a program, in short, living, is done entirely at your own risk (and joy)."

/windows | Nov 26, 2005

A better history tool for Safari #

Thucydides 1.2 [192k] {S} Presents your Safari history file as a sortable, searchable table.

/mac | Nov 26, 2005

S.M.A.R.T. monitor for OS X #

SMARTReporter 2.0.1 [342k] {S} Warns of potential ATA or SATA drive failure by periodically polling the S.M.A.R.T. status of your hard drive. Notification can be made by email, a warning dialog, or launching an application.

/mac | Nov 25, 2005

OS X's filesystem hierarchy #

If you're wondering how OS X's filesystem is laid out, here is a nice overview.

/mac | Nov 24, 2005

OS X Disk Images (ISO, DMG, etc) #

/mac | Nov 24, 2005

Diagnosing and Resolving Mac OS X Boot Problems #

OS X prohibitory sign
If you've ever been confronted with a grey screen and what looks like a "stop" sign (AKA "prohibitory" sign - see photo above) upon starting OS X, here are some hints:

/mac | Nov 24, 2005

Windows 2000 with just 32MB RAM #

David Farquhar (author of the best Windows book ever) links to an excellent article by Daniel Iversen entitled Making Windows 2000 run (rather well) on only 32MB RAM.

/windows | Nov 22, 2005

Recover Windows user passwords #

Cracking Syskey and the SAM on Windows XP, 2000 and NT 4 using Open Source Tools. Flash video of the entire process included.

/windows | Nov 22, 2005

Encrypted File System (EFS) recovery #

Detailed instructions on how to import EFS keys from an old offline profile into a new system in order to gain authorized access to previously inaccessible encrypted data.

/windows | Nov 22, 2005

AcmeDiag v0.1 (Beta) #

AcmeDiag is a simple utility to access physical memory under NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. View, edit, save memory and I/O mapped registers.

/windows | Nov 21, 2005

Two more interesting LiveCDs #

  1. Edubuntu - Designed for school environments, and should be equaly suitable for kids to use at home.
  2. SLAMPPLiveCD - Turn your personal computer into an instant home server which provides common services like: HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, SSH, DHCP, Squid, etc.

/nix | Nov 20, 2005

Unix terminal in JavaScript #

JS/UIX is an UN*X-like OS for standard web-browsers, written entirely in JavaScript (no plug-ins used). It comprises a virtual machine, shell, virtual file-system, process-management, and brings its own terminal with screen- and keyboard-mapping. (via digg)

/nix | Nov 18, 2005

What's on my Treo 600 #

Roundup of software and hardware picks for the Treo 600 from TinyApps.Org.

/palm | Nov 18, 2005

Free online backup service #

Mozy is a free online backup service. Love their clean design and HTML code. Hate the Windows XP and NTFS requirement. Love their service and humor:

What You Get (We're still in beta - but this is about how things will end up..)

What We Get

Here's the catch - aside from the good karma we get for offering a great free service, every once in a while we get to send you email advertisements for products and services that we think are useful. (We'll never give your email address to an advertiser - any emails will come straight through us.)

Alternatives to Mozy

/misc | Nov 18, 2005

Amazon customer service rocks #

Say what you will about Amazon, their customer service is awesome. This week I ordered books A, B, and C, but they accidentally sent A, B, B. I contacted them via online form and within an hour had a reply: they would overnight C for free and of course cover the return shipping for the extra copy of B. Since there was a slight hassle generating the return shipping label, they said just ship it, report the cost, and they would reimburse my account. Now that is service. Even better: Amazon is now offering refunds for evil Sony CDs.

/misc | Nov 18, 2005

Palm reset methods #

There are more reset methods for Palm devices than you may be aware of: Soft, System/Warm, Hard, In-Cradle, Power Down, Battery Disconnect, Zero Out. Treo 600 users only who need to recalibrate their battery may want to try the Battery Disconnect method (it does not involve opening your Treo, but will wipe everything - be sure to backup first).

/palm | Nov 18, 2005

Trimming the fat from OS X universal binaries #

Now that more and more Mac apps are being provided as universal binaries (which include code for both PowerPC and Intel based architectures), you may want to strip unneeded bloat. More examples.

/mac | Nov 18, 2005

Disabling Internet Explorer #

Admins who are tired of users infecting machines with spyware will enjoy reading Get Serious About Securing IE. About.com has a great overview of techniques as well, for both home users and admins.

/windows | Nov 17, 2005

iTattle - System info app #

iTattle 2.1 [381k] Loads of system info from RAM and hard drive usage to detailed network status.  Screenshot

/mac | Nov 17, 2005

When hard drives die #

Data Recovery Myths examines hard drive recovery methods reported on the Internet, like: "Hitting", "Freezing", "Replacing logic board", etc. However, if you'd like to keep your job/client, DriveSavers may be your best choice.

/misc | Nov 17, 2005

Access webmail via POP3 #

FreePOPs is an easily extensible program, which allows access to the most varied resources through the POP3 protocol. Mainly, it can be used to download mail from webmail services, but it could also be used as an aggregator for RSS feeds and much more. This way it is possible to get all your messages in your favorite email client. Supported platforms include Windows, Linux, OS X, and BeOS (yay!).

/misc | Nov 17, 2005

Don't forget Windows shell scripting! #

In response to yesterday's post on sed, Armin Hanisch kindly wrote in to remind us that Windows shell scripts can be handy as well. He included the following shell script version of uniq, which he reports to work under NT4 and higher:

@echo off
if !%1 == ! goto noparm
if not exist %1 goto notfound

set line=@@@@@
for /F "usebackq tokens=*" %%f in (`sort %1`) do call :procline "%%f"
goto :eof

if !%line% == !%~1 goto :eof
set line=%~1
echo %~1
goto :eof

echo Usage: %~f0 [datei]
echo No file specified, terminating.
goto :eof

echo File %1 not found.
goto :eof

/windows | Nov 14, 2005

sed examples #

Handy one-liners for sed, compiled by Eric Pement, has a number of useful gems, like:
# double space a file which already has blank lines in it. Output file
# should contain no more than one blank line between lines of text.
sed '/^$/d;G'

# number each line of file, but only print numbers if line is not blank
sed '/./=' filename | sed '/./N; s/\n/ /'

# align all text flush right on a 79-column width
sed -e :a -e 's/^.\{1,78\}$/ &/;ta'  # set at 78 plus 1 space

# delete duplicate, consecutive lines from a file (emulates "uniq").
# First line in a set of duplicate lines is kept, rest are deleted.
sed '$!N; /^\(.*\)\n\1$/!P; D'

/nix | Nov 13, 2005

SMTP server solution #

If you're travelling and need access to an outgoing mail server, AuthSMTP is very cool: inexpensive, instant activation, great documentation, virus scanning, huge attachment sizes, and more.

/misc | Nov 12, 2005

Worldwide wireless access #

FON is working to establish a Unified WiFi Network that will let members of the community to share not just bandwidth but also experiences and values. Those willing to share their bandwidth (Linuses) get free roaming on the FON network. Those wanting to milk their Internet access (Bills) are paid half of the revenues generated through their APs, but won't enjoy free roaming.

/misc | Nov 11, 2005

Stand alone CD/DVD Burner #

SilentNight Micro CD Burner is a stand-alone CD/DVD burner that does not require installation (though it does create new registry keys). Features include:

/windows | Nov 05, 2005

Sysinternals & Registry Junk #

Sysinternals crafts some of the best freeware for Windows on the planet. Mark & Bryce seem to know Windows better than Microsoft itself.

So it has always puzzled me why their tiny applications (Process Explorer, TCPView, Diskmon, TDImon, etc), while not requiring installation, store settings in the Registry. These entries will remain even after deleting the applications, unless users manually search for and remove them.

It is all the more puzzling as they are clearly aware of this issue: Registry Junk: A Windows Fact of Life.

Sysinternals and all Windows developers: please, if you are listening, be so kind as to consider:

/windows | Nov 04, 2005

PSU Tester (20/24 pin ATX, SATA, P4, Xeon, PCI-E, Floppy, 4 pin) #

The FrozenCPU ATX 2.0 Power Supply Tester tests: Reviews with screenshots: 1 | 2

/misc | Nov 03, 2005

Export Outlook 2003 Contacts as vCards #

Microsoft does not offer an "Export as vCard" function in Outlook 2003 (simply dragging and dropping contacts into a Desktop folder results in .msg files), but as Joxer explains, there is a workaround:
  1. Select all contacts in Outlook
  2. Actions > Forward vCard
  3. Select all of the attached vcf files in the resulting email message and drag to a folder on your Desktop, or simply send the email to yourself.
That's it - the vcf files are ready for dragging and dropping into Palm Desktop, OS X's Address Book, etc.

/windows | Nov 02, 2005

FastFind - Windows Freeware #

FastFind v1.14 [219k] {S}+ Generates a file index which can be searched in seconds. Does not seem to index double byte file names. (via Mike Mills)

/windows | Nov 02, 2005

Copying CDs and DVDs in OS X without 3rd party tools #

It is not immediately obvious how to duplicate CDs and DVDs in OS X, but this guide will help with any version from 10.0 (Cheetah) and up. For those still using 10.3 or earlier, note that the CD/DVD burning function is greatly improved in Tiger.

/mac | Nov 01, 2005

Make your own OpenBSD bootable install CD or Live CD #

With today's release of OpenBSD 3.8, some folks might be looking for ISO images to download and burn. As none are provided, here are instructions for making your own bootable install CD. Once you've got OpenBSD up and running, you can also create Live CDs to share the joy.

UPDATE: Here's an older (written for OpenBSD 3.2) walkthrough for creating a Live CD.

/nix | Nov 01, 2005

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