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Optimizing PDFs for E Ink displays #


/eink | Oct 31, 2011

Outbound firewall for OS X #

TCPBlock v2.10 [837k] Outbound / application firewall. Runs in whitelist or blacklist mode. Support for filtering TCP and UDP.  Screenshot  (via AddictiveTips)

See also Little Snitch, Hands Off!, and Radio Silence.

/mac | Oct 31, 2011

Mac OS X P2V #

Paragon Virtualization Manager for Mac OS X is a free P2V (physical to virtual) converter for Leopard and Snow Leopard (do not install under Mavericks - it will render the system unbootable (though booting into Safe Mode and running the uninstaller will fix the problem)). Images can be created for Fusion 3+, Parallels 5+, and VirtualBox 4+.

Paragon's disclaimer reflects the confusion around OS X 10.5 and 10.6's EULA: "Please make sure that you do not violate the licensing agreement of your operating system and other installed software by virtualizing your system." Injunctions like these were not a problem for Steve apparently.

VMWare Fusion 6 details:

(This post was updated on September 11, 2016)

/mac | Oct 24, 2011

A few of Muhammad Muquit's open source tiny apps #

(via MoonPoint)

/windows | Oct 23, 2011

Create cruft-free ZIP files in OS X #

HardCoreZipper 2.1.3 [465k] Drag-and-drop to create ZIP files free from OS X cruft like dot underscore and Icon\r files.  Screenshot

/mac | Oct 22, 2011

MultiMarkdown Composer #

is a tiny text editor built for MultiMarkdown by its creator, Fletcher Penny. Sadly, MMC is only available via the App Store (a FAQ and some screenshots can be found here). Just the same, anyone who writes on a Mac needs to check it out; MMC is the kind of app that simply makes you smile: Screenshot
(via MacSparky)

/mac | Oct 20, 2011

Recently-added apps #

Too large to be listed, but honorable mention goes to QtWeb Internet Browser, a "lightweight, secure and portable browser ... based on Nokia's Qt framework and Apple's WebKit rendering engine."

/windows | Oct 19, 2011

eml to mbx converters #

UPDATE 1: If you need to go the other way (from mbox to eml, as when migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook) check out Eric Fookes' Aid4Mail MBOX Converter (free edition).

UPDATE 2: eml2mbx choked when attempting to create an mbox file over 2GB. IMAPSize had no problem with the same conversion.

/misc | Oct 18, 2011

Acronis True Image 2011 Problems and Fixes #

  1. Cloned a 120GB PATA hard drive to a 320GB PATA hard drive. Both were connected via PATA to USB adapters (the source drive was connected via WiebeTech's write-blocking Forensic UltraDock to ensure it wasn't accidentally overwritten).
  2. After cloning, the 320GB drive was connected to the primary IDE channel
  3. Upon booting, flashing white cursor on black screen
  4. Checked jumper, EIDE cable, etc - still wouldn't boot
  5. Ran fixboot and fixmbr from CD-based Windows XP Recovery Console - still no joy
  6. Tried a "reverse clone" (bad name choice); i.e., connect source PATA drive to USB adapter and destination PATA drive to EIDE cable, then clone again - success!
  7. Video card settings also needed tweaking, as the graphics were black & yellow and virtually unreadable:
    1. Pressed F11 at the boot choice menu and entered "quiet acpi=off noapic" (without quotes) to no avail
    2. 3836: Acronis Bootable Media of Acronis True Image Home Boots into Garbled or Low Resolution GUI held the answer: after pressing F11, enter "vga=ask" (without quotes). Choose a video mode with 16-bit color and at the root prompt enter /bin/product to start True Image.

/windows | Oct 16, 2011

Newly added to OS X page #

Excel to CSV Converter 1.3 [103k] Batch convert XLS & XLSX files to CSV (requires Excel)  Screenshot

/mac | Oct 12, 2011

Find ALL CAPS 8.3 filenames which may contain digits #

Given a directory of files like this:
list the ALL CAPS files which are eight characters long, with or without numbers included, and ending in ".txt" like so:
$ ls -1 | ack ^[A-Z0-9]{8}\.txt$
(find -regex had a problem with the regular expression, so just went with ack instead. ack -g REGEX didn't match the regex either, perhaps because it matches based on both the relative path and filename?)

Delete the matching files by simply piping to xargs:
$ ls -1 | ack ^[A-Z0-9]{8}\.txt$ | xargs rm

/nix | Oct 07, 2011

Find and copy files to a single directory, automatically renaming to avoid collisions #

xxcopy c:\ h:\ /SG /IN:*.doc /IN:*.txt

Copies all doc and txt files from c: and its subdirs to the root of h:, renaming when necessary to avoid filename collisions. (The /SG switch gathers files into a single directory, sorted with newest file first.)

If filename collision is not a concern, something like this bash one-liner will do:

find . -type f \( -iname "*.doc" -o -iname "*.txt" \) -exec cp {} /mnt/ \;


Here's a bash one-liner by Johannes WeiƟ that prevents filename collisions by prepending "z-" to duplicate filenames:

target="/tmp/target"; find ./ -type f -iname "*.doc" | while read line; do outbn="$(basename "$line")"; while true; do if [[ -e "$target/$outbn" ]]; then outbn="z-$outbn"; else break; fi; done; cp "$line" "$target/$outbn"; done

Successfully tested under bash 4.3 and OS X's antiquated bash 3.2.

Another option for finding, copying, and automatically renaming identical filenames is Automator. Since the Finder automatically increments identical filenames when copying, this workflow will do the trick:

Automator - flatten directory workflow
Files & Folders > Find Finder Items (select directory to search and set Name to "contains" with desired extension (e.g., .png)) > Copy Finder Items (select destination directory and DO NOT check "Replacing existing files") > Run

Actually, it turns out that not even Automator is required; simply open a Finder window, perform a search of the source folder for desired file extension, highlight the results, and drag to desired destination - identical filenames will be incremented automatically.

More on flattening folders:

/windows | Oct 06, 2011

VNC client for Kindle #

KindleVNC allows not only remote viewing but also remote control of your computer running a VNC server. Very polished and well-thought-out. Tested with OS X's standard VNC server ("Screen Sharing" on port 5900). (via MobileRead)

/eink | Oct 02, 2011

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