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'Marked' markdown app free for Snow Leopard users #

Some rare (and welcome!) love for us 10.6 zealots from Brett Terpstra, developer of Marked:
As an individual dev with a day job, I just ran out of resources to develop for both Snow Leopard and Lion as many of the features I wanted to add required Lion capabilities. As a peace offering, I've generated a build of version 1.3 that has all possible functionality and is stable even on 32-bit systems running 10.6. This build will not run on Lion (or Mountain Lion), but it's free to Snow Leopard users. People who have purchased Marked through the App Store will still own it and, should they ever update their operating system or get a new machine which can run a newer operating system, it will be waiting for them. The SL build can be downloaded here.

/mac | Sep 13, 2013

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