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The following individuals donated generously during a fundraiser in 2003. Please note that donations are no longer being accepted. If you have found this site useful and are feeling philanthropic, please consider contributing to the Free Software Foundation.

Lee Aber
Richard Ames
Eric Blase - Website
Nicholas Booth
Dave Bruce - Email
Julie Campbell
Tom Campbell - Website
Kurt Christie
John Colagioia
Thomas Coyle
Deborah Daniel - Website
Michael Destefano
Bowen Dwelle - Website
David Fischer - Website
Freebyte - Website
Seth Fulton - Website
Calvin Gehlen - Website
Walter Gerstmann
Jeff Holtzman
Keith Hopkins - Website
Sam Knutson - Website
Robert LaBisoniere
Peggy Leslie
Sally Mahoney
Bruce Mayer
Shawn McFarland
Gregor McNish
Terry Mohrmann
Christopher Moriarty - Website
Chris Nelson
Obsolete Computer Museum - Website
James Oldham
Wes & Susan O'Neel
Bruno Padinha
Jake Pass - Website
Gordon Plumlee - Website
Rob Prentice
Sylvio Rothschild
Barb Salsbury - Website
Rick Sams
Michael Smith - Website
Irfan Skiljan - Website
Someone from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Madhu Sreeram
Charles Stevenson
Sunil Thambidurai
Robert Thompson
Shannon Tibbs - Email
Rich Tully - Website
Frank van Puffelen
Orlando Velazquez
David Weinberger - Website
Jay Wilson - Email
Lane Wolbe
Tom Wrensch - Email | Website

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