tinyapps.org / graphics

Viewing & Editing

🌱 EVE 3.56 [74k] + Vector graphics editor 📺

🌱 PictView 1.94 [104k] + Multi-format image viewer and converter. DOS and Windows versions available. 📺

i.Mage v1.05 [663k] {S} Graphics editor "designed to be a better Deluxe Paint IIe" 📺

IrfanView 3.80 [822k] + Graphic viewer & editor. Tutorial 📺

XnView 1.66 [898k] + Graphic viewer and converter with support for more than 400 formats. Many *nix ports also available. 📺


🌱 Screen Calipers v1.0 [136k] + Measure screen objects in pixels using a calipers 📺

JR Screen Ruler [100k] + Measure anything on your screen in pixels, inches, picas or centimeters 📺


JPG Cleaner 2.6 [from 8k] + Strip non-picture data from JPGs. Several versions included. 📺

🌱 jhead 2.3 [94k] {S}+ Extract/modify digital camera setting information from exif JPEG files, strip unnecessary data, more. Precompiled binaries available for Windows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. 📺

🌱 pngquant [109k] {S}+ Command-line utility to quantize and dither 32-bit RGBA PNGs down to 8-bit (or smaller) RGBA-palette PNGs, usually with a significant reduction in file size. Batch processing, palette optimization, more. 📺

🌱 Pngcrush [146k] {S}+ PNG optimizer with binaries for several platforms 📺

🌱 GIF Optimizer v1.0 [258k] + Reduce the size of GIFs. 📺

TweakPNG [319k] {S}+ A low-level PNG image file manipulation utility 📺

🌱 Trout's GIF Optimizer [365k] + Shrink GIF files. Batch processing, color palette reduction, more. Donation required to remove nag. 📺

Screen Capture

Screen Thief for DOS v2.01 [37k] + Capture DOS screens as BMP, TIFF, PCX or TXT files. 📺 💾

LICEcap v1.28 [230k] {S} Capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to animated .GIF or .LCF. 📺

MWSnap 3.00 [601k] + Screen capture program which supports PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP formats. Custom color depth & quality settings, zoom, screen ruler, and color picker. 📺

CamStudio 2.0 [1331k] {S} Screen recorder able to save captures as AVI or SWF (Flash) files. (Source code available here) 📺 💾


FontSelector 1.3 [277k] + Browse and print all your installed fonts. 📺

The Font Thing 0.80 [483k] + Powerful TrueType font manager 📺


🌱 WHATPIC 4.0 [18k] + Command line utility that returns the format, width, height, number of colors, filesize and drive volume of graphic files. 📺

Fatbits [32k] + Screen magnifier 📺

IconShop 1.13 [90k] + Read and write ICL icon libraries; extract icons from Windows icons, cursors, animated cursors, BMP bitmaps, GIF bitmaps, TIFF bitmaps, XPM bitmaps, resources, executables and libraries; extract icons from Macintosh icons, resources, executables, IconDropper icon packs and Kaleidoscope schemes, including MacOS 8.5 24-bit and MacOS X 32-bit icons; export icons to icon, cursor BMP or TIFF bitmap format. 📺

🌱 Nadger 0.5 [213k] + Color grabber which returns hex, websafe, and RGB values. Save colors to custom groups. 📺 💾

SHG Editor 1.62 [296k] + Read, write, edit, and convert SHG (Segmented Hyper Graphics) files. 📺

🌱 Resize 2.6 [335k] + Batch resize images by percentage, height, width, or maximum dimension while maintaining aspect ratio. From the website: "The resizing algorithm produces high quality images because it uses all available information from the source image. Most other image resizing software only use a small amount of information from the source image." 📺

Easy Thumbnails [542k] + Thumbnail generator from the maker of NoteTab. Compressed version 📺

🌱 Metamorph 3D [578k] + "Fast, sleek, little image morphing utility" 📺

🌱 YASRT v0.1 beta 12 [890k] + Yet Another Simple RayTracer. Generates realistic pictures from text descriptions. Binaries available for a massive range of OSes, from AIX and BeOS to Win32 and Sony PSP. 📺

last update: 2020.05.03