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Why LinkNOt? | Why I Don't Participate in Link Exchanges.

Web Building

Building Better Web Sites
Art and the Zen of web sites
Real Implications from Usability Testing
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab
HTML Validators and Checkers
The Web Standards Project
evolt.org's Browser Archive
Webpage Size Checker
The Web Design Group

Tiny Webpage Competitions

256b.htm Compo
7kb wettbewerb


BeOS PE5 download links
BuzzCD PE5 CD for Windows & Linux with loads of extra apps
BeBits Software for BeOS
BeView Scot Hacker's BeOS column for Byte.com
BeOS Tip Server
Frizbe Hardware guide for BeOS. (mirror)
The Green Board Pure BeOS discussion forums
OpenBeOS Initiative to recreate BeOS from scratch

Apple Macintosh

OS X Apps Phenomenal database of OS X applications
macosxhints Ever-expanding collection of hints and tips for OS X
APTM (About This Particular Macintosh) Monthly online magazine
VersionTracker: Mac OS X Perhaps the largest and best-known software catalog with user ratings
Pure Mac Loads of great Classic apps
Macintosh-Windows Coexistence
System 6 Heaven The last Mac OS to be written entirely in assembly language
Low End Mac Getting the Most Value from Your Mac
PearPC Run OS X on your Windows computer
SoftMac 2000 Run System 7 and Mac OS 8 on your Windows computer.
Basilisk II 0.9 An open source 68k Macintosh emulator


FreeDOS FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system.
Free software for DOS Reviews, descriptions, links to over 700 DOS programs (no games).
Interesting DOS programs
DOS USB Drivers
Internet & Networking for DOS

Games & Demos

Interactive Zork 404 error page
Tiny Windows Games
256 byte demo archive
DOS Games Archive
C:DOS Classic Games
Retro Remakes

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