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🌱 BossKey 2.00 [7k] + Create up to 10 virtual desktops 📺

traydesk v3.0 [10k] {S}+ Show/hide desktop icons, log on/off, restart or shutdown - all from the system tray. 📺

MenuSnap 1.5 [20k] + Sort Programs & Favorites shortcuts alphabetically 📺

EatIcons [24k] + Speed up Windows Explorer by removing icons. Can be set to run at startup. 📺

🌱 Floater 1.0 [32k] {S}+ Quick launch toolbar. 📺 💾

RUNit 2.0.1b [39k] {S}+ Launchpad accessed via context menu. 📺

XEarth 1.2 [207k] {S}+ Port of xearth wallpaper for X-Window. Displays a user customized view of earth, rotating in the background. 📺


🌱 ShideWin 1.1 [3.4k] {S}+ Enumerates all top-level windows and allows you to show or hide them. Especially helpful for finding windows that were made invisible after a crash. 📺

🌱 Handler 1.5 [6k] + Reveal windowtext, handle, classname, and control ID details. 📺 💾

WinRoll 2.0 [9k] {S}+ Rollup windows to their title bar like Mac OS's WindowShade. 📺

🌱 Showin 2.0 [9k] + Enable windows that have been disabled, unhide hidden windows and force windows to stay on top or be placed below others. Perhaps one of the most popular uses of this program is to display hidden password editbox fields (text behind the asterisks *****). 📺

🌱 CMDOW Commandline Window Utility v1.4.3 [15k] + Allows windows to be listed, moved, resized, renamed, hidden/unhidden, disabled/enabled, minimized, maximized, restored, activated/inactivated, closed, killed and more from the command line. 📺

🌱 MMinimizer [22k] {S}+ Provides keyboard shortcuts to move, size, hide and restore windows. 📺

PushPin 1.0 [22k] {S} Keep any window on top of all other windows. 📺

Nail It! 1.10 [22k] + Make windows"sticky" so that they remain above other windows. 📺 💾

🌱 ForceWindowVisible 1.1 [30k] {S}+ Force application windows to appear on screen (even the recalcitrant ones that insist on remaining off screen after switching from multiple monitors back to single). 📺

🌱 ResizeEnable 1.4 [42k] + Turn non-resizeable windows into resizeable windows 📺

🌱 PowerMenu 1.5.1 [109k] + Adds "Always On Top", "Minimize To Tray", "Priority" and "Transparency" (W2K/XP only) sub menus to all top level system menus. 📺

Task Scheduling & Automating

🌱 Delayer 1.10 [28k] + Delay, repeat, and schedule the execution of programs. 📺

🌱 TinyTask 1.45 [32k]+ Record and playback mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes for automating repetitive tasks. 📺

nnCron LITE 1.17 [242k] A system task scheduler compatible with Unix crontabs. 📺

Media & Music

🌱 CD 1.01 [5k] + Simple but fully functional CD player with controls 📺

🌱 CDP [15k] {S}+ Simply starts playing a CD and exits 📺

🌱 TinyPiano 0.8e [19k] + Turn your computer keyboard into an electronic piano 📺

🌱 Frequency Analyzer 1.0 [32k] {S}+ Graphically displays in real time the Fourier transform of sound from microphone 📺

🌱 TinyCD 1.0 [60k] + "Quite possibly one of the smallest Windows CD players in existence." 📺

VCDGear 1.6e [70k] + Extract MPEG streams from CD images, do conversions of one video format to another, create VideoCD images, more. Many ports available. 📺

1by1 version 1.57 [100k] MP3 directory player. Requires MP3 ACM Codec or mpglib.dll (available on the 1by1 website). 📺

FMOD 3.61 [135k] + "The fastest, most powerful and easiest to use sound system on Windows, Linux, and Windows CE" 📺

🌱 HI-MD Renderer 0.30 [180k] + Convert OpenMG (OMA / OMG) files to WAV, MP3, FLAC, or OGG. More info on Sony's Hi-MD Recorders, SonicStage, and their proprietary OpenMG file format is available here. 📺

🌱 SynFactory 1.16rc1 [194k] {S}+ Interactive Modular Software Synthesizer 📺

🌱 STP 10603 [209k] {S}+ System tray MP3 player 📺 💾

🌱 CoolPlayer 207 [215k] {S}+ Skinnable mp3 & wav audio player 📺

🌱 Mpxplay 1.46 [223k] {S}+ DOS based (32-bit) audio player. Supports: MP2, MP3, AC3, OGG, MPC, WAV, CDW. 📺

XMPlay 3.1 [299k] + Audio player with support for: OGG, MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, WAV, MO3, IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, UMX audio formats, and PLS, M3U, ASX playlists. Many more formats are supported via Winamp plugins. 📺

🌱 foobar2000 v0.667 [334k] + Simple yet powerful audio player with support for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, MPC, FLAC, Ogg FLAC, WAV, MOD, more. 📺 🌎

MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2 [542] Lossless video editor 📺

🌱 Mpg2Cut2 2.8.6e {S}+ [633k] Lossless MPEG editor. Split, join, and trim MPG, VOB, TS (digital TV broadcasts), and DAT/VCD/SVCD files without reencoding. 📺

Mp3tag 2.32 [1289k] Batch edit metadata of common audio formats (ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, WMA, Vorbis comments, and APE tags), rename files, replace characters, create playlists, add/remove album artwork, and much more. 📺

Audacity 1.0.0 [1290k] {S}+ Audio editor that can record/play sounds, import/export WAV, AIFF & MP3 files, and much more. Windows, Mac, and *nix versions available. 📺 🌎

Clocks, Timers & Calendars

🌱 Timer 1.00 [4k] + Visual stopwatch 📺

🌱 Neutron 1.07 [7k] + Synchronize computer time with Internet time servers. 📺

🌱 cal [12k] + Display the calendar for a year or a month. 📺

🌱 Calendar 1.34 [13k] + Standard calendar window with several functions including: copy date to clipboard, Always on top, custom formats, more. 📺

Past, Present, & Future 1.1 [18k] + 3 month calendar view. Free for non-commercial use. 📺 💾

🌱 TrayClock 0.0.1 [17k] {S}+ Tiny analog clock for the system tray 📺

🌱 TinyClock 1.6 [23k] {S}+ A tiny clock 📺

Minute Timer 1.1 [39k] Countdown timer and alarm. Especially useful as a break reminder. 📺

Multi Timer 1.27 [122k] {S}+ Ten independent timers in one program. Count down to zero or up to max. 📺

Calculators, Converters & Graphing

🌱 XCALC 2.9.4 [189k] {S}+ RPN calculator with many modes 📺

Calc98 4.5 [296k] Scientific/Engineering calculator with units conversions and physical properties. Statistics, financial, array and matrix functions. Algebraic or RPN logic. Customisable appearance. 📺

Moffsoft FreeCalc [765k] Windows Calculator replacement with virtual tape (copy/save/print), sizeable display, "always on top" setting, double & triple zero keys, international support for thousand separators, and more. 📺

🌱 Numerimal v1.1.1 [135k] + Converts between decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary and any other user-selectable base up to 64-base. 📺

🌱 Converber 1.4.0 [138k] + Convert between 924 various units of measure in 31 categories, from length and force to flow and temperature. 📺

Convert 4.10 [152k] + Unit conversion program 📺

🌱 Grapher 0.94.2 [278k] + Graphs mathematical equations in any spatial dimension above the first 📺


🌱 XaoS 3.1 [470k] {S}+ Real-time interactive fractal zoomer. Binaries available for many platforms. 📺 🌎

🌱 Fractint 20.0 [878k] {S}+ Full-featured fractal generator. 📺 🌎


🌱 STASH 2.00 [20k] + Very simple database run from the command line. Suitable for small fragments of text like phone numbers, bookmarks, email addresses, etc. 📺

Custom Addressbook 1.1 [180k] + An easy to use, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program that can be run from floppy disk. Shareware version also available. 📺


🌱 X-Pass v2.2 [5k] + Reveals almost *any* Win9x/2k/XP password field. 📺 💾

🌱 PassDump [6k] + Similar to (and based on) PWReveal, but with just one goal - PassDump simply dumps to the console the text from any PassChar-protected textboxes that it can find. 📺

🌱 Showin 2.0 [9k] + Enable windows that have been disabled, unhide hidden windows and force windows to stay on top or be placed below others. Perhaps one of the most popular uses of this program is to display hidden password editbox fields (text behind the asterisks *****). 📺

🌱 PWReveal 1.2 [11k] + Allows you to see the passwords behind most PassChar-protected text\editboxes in memory (allowing you to see behind the "*****" fields). Includes stay-resident option and a patch option to remove asterisks on the fly. 📺

🌱 PassPack v1.01 [15k] + Secure, streamlined and incredibly compact manager of passwords and confidential information. It features exceptional resistance to brute-force password search attacks. PassPack offers both import and export of unencrypted data. 📺

PWL View (aka Passwordlist-Viewer) [20k] + View cached passwords (of the currently logged in User) saved in the corresponding pwl file. 📺

Password Safe v1.7.1 [172k] + Store passwords securely using the Blowfish algorithm. Can also generate random 8 character passwords. 📺 🌎

🌱 PassKeeper 1.2 [85k] + Safe password storage. Free for individual & nonprofit use. 📺

🌱 KeePass 0.90a [296k] {S}+ Encrypted password safe with groups, drag-n-drop, search, password generator, export to TXT, HTML, XML & CSV. 📺

PINs [413k] {S}+ Store passwords securely. 448-bit Blowfish algorithm, secure deletetion of files, password generator, search, more. 📺

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last update: 2020.07.06