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Web Browsing

OffByOne Web Browser 3.5a [409k] + "May be the world's smallest and fastest Web Browser with full HTML 3.2 support. It is a completely self-contained, stand-alone 1.1mb application with no dependencies on any other browser or browser component." 📺

🌱 Lynx for Win32 v. 2-8-3 [714k] {S}+ Text-based web browser 📺 💾

🌱 D+ Browser 0.5b (formerly "Dillo") [1304k] {S}+ "A graphical web browser with an emphasis on security, performance, and portability." 📺

IEradicator [102k] Internet Explorer (versions 3 through 6) removal tool. 📺

🌱 KillAd v0.11 [42k] + Ad blocker. Works with IE, Netscape, and Opera. 📺 💾

SAB 0.96 [93k] + Filter out web annoyances. Linux version also available. 📺

🌱 Proxomitron [371k] + Powerful filter for eliminating web annoyances and customizing your browsing experience. 📺

🌱 PopKi Popup Closer v1.4 [187k] + Prevent popups without using a proxy. 📺

Nir Sofer's Web Browser Tools

Offline Browsing & Download Managers

🌱 HTTP Get [15k] + Download files from the web 📺

HTTrack Website Copier 3.10 [176k] {S}+ Save entire websites to a local directory. (This console-only version is hosted by TinyApps. See the HTTrack homepage for additional versions and source code.) 📺 💾 🌎

WackGet 1.2.2 [127k] {S}+ Download a list of files in the order you specify. Options include: logging, setting number of concurrent downloads, importing from clipboard, and more. Source code 📺 💾 🌎

🌱 GNU Wget 1.8.2 [271k] {S}+ Mirroring tool which supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. 📺 💾 🌎

🌱 Flash Movie Player 1.4 [333k] + ShockWave Flash (SWF) player with animation rewinding, advanced full screen mode, playlists, browser cache integration, snapshot creation, more. (The Green Award is given to the installer-free version (which the author kindly provided) directly linked to from here.) 📺 💾 🌎

🌱 ASFRecorder V1.1 [368k] {S}+ Download and store streaming Windows Media files (asf, asx, wma, wmx, wmv, wvx). 📺

DLExpert 0.99 [769k] Download manager with multi-thread, pause/resume, scheduling, auto dial, hangup, shutdown, more. 📺 💾

Email Clients

🌱 bmail 1.07 [17k] + Lean command line SMTP mail sender 📺

🌱 SendMail 1.1 [18k] + Send email (and even attach a file) using any SMTP server 📺 💾

🌱 Qm 2.2 [21k] + Quick mail sending program 📺

Getmail 1.33 [50k] + Console utility for downloading POP3 mail. Free for non-commercial use. 📺

Blat 1.9.4 [74k] {S}+ Console utility that sends the contents of a file in an e-mail message using the SMTP protocol. 📺

🌱 nPOP [82k] {S}+ Tiny email client with powerful features. Pocket PC, Windows CE, and Japanese versions also available. 📺

🌱 Popcorn 1.99.3 [151k] {S}+ Ultra-lightweight POP3/SMTP email client. Check/delete mail on server before downloading. 📺

🌱 JBMail 3.2 [159k] + Portable mail client with POP3 and SMTP support, and optional SSL/TLS security. Shareware version saves multiple profiles to disk. 📺

🌱 SpeedMail 1.2 [188k] + SMTP mailer with simple address book and attachment support. 📺 💾

🌱 Pimmy 3.5 [361k] + Complete email client; includes newsgroup support. 📺 💾 🌎

🌱 i.Scribe 1.88 [826k] + A small, fast, crossplatform, object based email client with many of the features that larger mail clients have. 📺

Mailing Lists

SmartSerialMail 1.1 [229k] + Group mail sender 📺 💾 🌎

ListMaster Pro 1.83 [383k] Mailing list manager that validates, sorts, and dedupes email addresses very quickly (it can load and sort a list of over 100,000 addresses in under 10 seconds and dedupe the same list in less than 2 seconds). 📺

Vallen e-Mailer R2007.0904 [573k] + Group mail sender 📺 💾

Other Email & Usenet

🌱 Obfusticated Email Link Creator (OELC) [4k] + Create munged email address links with hex, dec, or a mix of both. 📺

K9 Version 1.28 [77k] + Automatic spam email filtering for POP3 email. 📺

StripMail v0.99p [146k] + Clean up emails & plain text files. 📺

Bounce Spam Mail v.1.8 [271k] + Send fake bounce messages. Does not support SMTP authentication. 📺 💾 🌎

🌱 Pimmy 3.5 [361k] + Complete email client; includes newsgroup support. 📺 💾 🌎

🌱 miniRelay 0.9.77d [270k] + SMTP relay tool that shuts down when idle. 📺

Xnews 4.06.22 [680k] + Usenet newsreader 📺

HTTP, (S)FTP, & File Sharing

🌱 Simple Socket File Transfer 1.0 [9k] + Transfer a file between two computers using the TCP port of your choosing. Partially completed transfers can be resumed, and files are automatically checked with MD5 to ensure they were received error-free. Supports very large files (up to about 4 petabytes). 📺

🌱 Atomic FTP Server v0.5 [10k] {S}+ Extremely simple and fast FTP server 📺 💾

🌱 Atomic Web Server v1.0 [10k] {S}+ Extremely simple and fast web server 📺 💾

TinyWeb 1.9 [53k] {S}+ Small, simple and fast Win32 daemon for regular (TCP/http) and secure (SSL/TLS/https) web servers. 📺

🌱 ftpdmin 0.96 [65k] {S}+ Minimal FTP server primarily for one-off LAN transfers (no security or password options available) 📺

🌱 BarracudaDrive V1.5.2 [196k] + Multi-user secure HTTPS file manager which eliminates the need for FTP access. Securely upload, download, and manage your files on your home computer from anywhere in the world. BarracudaDrive also bypasses firewalls and proxies since the communication protocol is HTTPS. The communication is protected by using SSL so no one can eavesdrop on your file transfer. Linux and OS X versions also available. 📺

🌱 RemotePad [244k] + Combination plain-text-editor and ftp-client. 📺

FTPpie [248k] + Pie chart display of FTP file space use. 📺

🌱 i.Ftp 1.85 [359k] {S}+ Simple graphical ftp application. 📺

SendTo FTP 2.8 [359k] FTP from the context (right click) menu. 📺 💾

🌱 HFS - HTTP File Server 1.6a [409k] {S}+ Simple HTTP server with drag & drop interface. 📺

🌱 TYPSoft FTP Server 1.10 [413k] {S}+ Simple, clean and robust ftp server. 📺

LeechFTP 1.3 Build 207 [580k] Multithreading FTP client 📺 💾

WinSCP 3.7.4 [980k] + SFTP / SCP client. 📺

Ftp.exe [44k] + Command line FTP program included with Windows. Brief tutorial | Scripting 📺

Telnet / SSH

🌱 SimpTerm 0.9.4 [120k] + A telnet/rlogin client with file download and KANJI display support 📺

PuTTY 0.57 [372k] {S}+ A Telnet and SSH client, along with an xterm terminal emulator 📺

Tera Term (Pro) 2.3 [922k] {S} Supports serial port connections; TCP/IP (telnet) connections; VT100, select VT200/300, and TEK4010 emulation; file transfer protocols (Kermit, XMODEM, ZMODEM, B-PLUS and Quick-VAN); scripting; Japanese & Russian character sets; more. SSH module also available. 📺


🌱 TinyIRC 1.0 Public Beta 5 (Build 1099) [60k] + The goal of this project is to create the world's smallest IRC client for Win32, with as many (if possible, all) of the features that you're used to in your current IRC client. 📺 💾

🌱 0irc v1.4.53 [67k] {S}+ Tiny, open source IRC client. 📺

🌱 Dana 1.3 [121k] + Simple, skinnable IRC client 📺

IamC 2.9.26R [198k] + Simple IRC client 📺 💾 🌎

xchat 1.8.5 [633k] {S} Graphical IRC client for Windows and several other OSes 📺

HydraIRC [740k] {S}+ Open source IRC client with support for: DCC chat and file transfers, connecting to multiple servers, dockable floating tabbed windows, channel monitoring, message logs, event viewer, reg-exp highlighting, and much more. 📺

Instant Messaging (IM)

🌱 miniaim v0.2.3 [47k] + Tiny AOL instant messaging client. 📺

🌱 PixaMSN v0.61 [168k] {S}+ Tiny MSN Messenger clone. 📺

Miranda IM 0.3.3 [774k] {S}+ Streamlined ICQ client which supports ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu, Tlen, Netsend, and more. 📺

Voice over IP (VoIP)

🌱 PicoPhone [88k] {S}+ Simple Internet phone application with chat 📺

VoIPerized 2.3 [332k] Tiny Voice over IP program. 📺 💾

Speak Freely 7.6a [690k] {S} Conduct real-time voice conversations over the Internet or any other TCP/IP network. Includes IDEA, DES, and limited PGP encryption capabilities. 📺

Port-to-Process Mappers

🌱 DiamondCS OpenPorts v1.0 [24k] + CLI port to process mapper for Windows NT/2000/XP. Provides five different output styles, including CSV, FPort, and WinXP's Netstat. Free for personal use. 📺

CurrPorts v1.02 [36k] + Detailed view of open ports and their corresponding applications. Close ports, kill processes, export info to HTML, XML, or CSV, and much more. 📺


GhostWall 1.150 [656k] Windows Firewall alternative ideal for low latency applications. 📺

SoftPerfect Personal Firewall 1.2 [900k] "Does not change your Windows system files and does not require any additional libraries" 📺

Remote Access

🌱 ZeroRemote v1.2.5 [152k] + Remote viewer with DirectX support, file transfer, audio, and more. Single EXE supports both client and server modes. 📺

TightVNC 1.2.8 [582k] {S}+ Client/server software package allowing remote network access to graphical desktops. This bandwidth-efficient version has many improvements over the original. 📺

Network Speed Testing

🌱 NetCPS [23k] {S}+ Measure the effective performance of a TCP/IP network. 📺

🌱 PCATTCP [60k] {S}+ PCAUSA's port of Test TCP (TTCP), a command-line sockets-based benchmarking tool for measuring TCP and UDP performance between two systems. 📺

Ping / Network Scanning

🌱 Angry IP Scanner 2.21 [109k] {S}+ Pings a range of IP addresses and optionally resolves hostnames, scans ports, returns NetBIOS info (computer name, workgroup name, currently logged in user and MAC address), and saves results to CSV, TXT, HTML, XML or IP-Port list files. (While settings can be saved to the registry, this is not the default behavior.) 📺

MultiPing Grapher 1.4.1 [284k] + Graph up to 10 different ICMP results. Adjust ping interval and packet size. Includes logging and average calculation. 📺

PingPlotter 1.10 [424k] Graphical network troubleshooting and diagnostic tool. Shareware version also available (feature comparison). 📺 💾

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 3.3 [619k] + IP, NetBIOS, and SNMP scanner with a slew of features: fast multithreaded scanning; computer pinging; hidden shared resource detection; scanning for listening TCP ports; mount and explore found resources; resolve host names; autodetect local and external IP range; support for remote shutdown and Wake-On-LAN (WoL). 📺

Other Network Tools

🌱 IP List [12k] + Enumerates network interfaces, showing all bound IP addresses, their broadcast addresses, and their netmasks. 📺

🌱 Resolve [16k] + Resolve an IP address to its DNS address, and vice versa. 📺

🌱 XWhois [21k] + Look up information on registered Internet domains and addresses. 📺

ShareWatch 1.0 [33k] + Monitor shares on local and remote servers; see who is connected and what files they are accessing; disconnect any file, user, computer, or share; more. 📺

🌱 Netcat 1.11 [60k] {S}+ Network swiss army knife. Review 📺

TCP Optimizer 4.07 [668k] + Internet connection tuning and optimizing. Runs under Windows 95 through 10. 📺

Nir Sofer's Network Monitoring Tools

HTML and Webmaster Tools

🌱 TAGCASE [6k] {S}+ Converts the case of HTML tags without disturbing attribute values. Includes ANSI C source and DOS executable. 📺 💾

🌱 Pich [7k] + Generates an HTML page of all images (JPG, GIF, PNG) in the current directory and (optionally) subdirectories. 📺

🌱 KILL<HTML> 1.5a [from 8k] + Removes all HTML tags and JavaScript from one or more HTML files. DOS and Windows versions included. 📺 💾

🌱 HTI (Hyper-Text Index) 0.5 [16k] {S}+ Generates an index page of HTML files. Includes titles, meta descriptions, and H1 - H6 headings. ANSI C source code available on request, on a "don't laugh" basis. 📺

🌱 HTMStrip 0208 [125k] + "Processes and removes embedded HTML commands from Web pages downloaded from the Web. Reflows paragraphs, processes tables, etc as straight ASCII text. Can function on individually-saved pages or else process your entire disk cache. Ideal tool for resending via e-mail or dozens of different uses. Awarded a 'Best' rating by 'PC Computing' in their July 1996 issue." 📺 💾

HTML stripper 1.1 [275k] + Scrub HTML clean of ads, iframes, scripts, etc. 📺

Text2HTML 1.3 [240k] Convert plain text to HTML 📺 💾

🌱 HTML Image Page Builder [193k] + Convert images to HTML 📺

Splitz [353k] + Split any image into rectangular parts and export the resulting images along with the HTML table that puts them back together. 📺

🌱 sHTMLc v2.1 [150k] + Convert characters to character entities quickly and easily. 📺

TidyGUI 1.1.5 [146k] {S}+ Clean up your HTML 📺

Xenu's Link Sleuth 1.2d [230k] + Check websites for broken links 📺

Domain Name Status Reporter [328k] + Monitor the registry status of domain names. 📺

Webalizer 2.01-10 [589k] {S}+ Web server log file analysis program. Produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format. 📺 💾

last update: 2022.10.24