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Internet & Network

WebArchive Folderizer 1.2.5 [20k] Drop-launch utility to extract the content from Safari webarchives. Screenshot

wget [120k] {S} CLI tool for downloading files via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. Screenshot

Netfixer 0.2 [124k] {S} Save webpages to PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, and TIF Screenshot

Bonjour Browser 1.5.6 [191k] Find Bonjour-enabled devices on LAN Screenshot

Thucydides 1.2 [192k] {S} Presents your Safari history file as a sortable, searchable table. Screenshot

SiteSucker [208k] Save entire websites to a local directory. Screenshot

Musashi 3.5 [379k] Simple multi-user email client. Screenshot Download

JollysFastVNC 0.96.12 [484k] Fast VNC client that plays well with OS X's VNC server / Screen Sharing. Screenshot

Trailblazer 0.52 [520k] {S} Web browser with unique and powerful history features. Screenshot

CocoaWget 2.6.3 [532k] {S} GUI for GNU wget (which is included - no need to compile seperately). Screenshot

BitTorrent 3.4.2 [580k] {S} P2P file transfer | FAQ Screenshot

Fugu 1.1.0 [804k] {S} GUI for SFTP, SCP and SSH. Screenshot

TCPBlock v2.10 [837k] Outbound application firewall. Runs in whitelist or blacklist mode. Support for filtering TCP and UDP. Screenshot

WakeOnLan 0.89 [852k] Wake / turn on computers in LAN (Macs can also be put to sleep). Includes scheduling support. Screenshot

Packet Peeper 17.8.2008 [1077k] {S} Packet sniffer with support for TCP stream reassembly, privilege separation, simultaneous capture sessions, filters, and more. Screenshot

Mover Connect 1.0 [1309k] Configureless drag and drop network file transfer. Tested under 10.5 through 10.8. iOS version also available. Screenshot Download


MacStumbler 0.75b [131k] {S} Displays information about nearby 802.11b and 802.11g wireless access points. Screenshot

iStumbler Release 97 [730k] Wireless discovery tool for Mac OS X, providing plugins for finding AirPort networks, Bluetooth devices and Bonjour services. Screenshot


flip [4k] {S} Converts ASCII files between between Mac (OS 9 and ealier), *nix (including OS X), and DOS/Windows newline formats Screenshot Download

Excel to CSV Converter 1.3 [103k] Batch convert XLS & XLSX files to CSV (requires Excel) Screenshot

0xED 1.0.5 [352k] Hex editor Screenshot

MassReplaceIt 2.9.1 [494k] Batch replace text within files or filenames. Supports regex, masks, undo, and more. For multiline search, newlines must be CR (Mac OS Classic). How to convert EOL characters. Screenshot

Simple Find & Replace 1.6 [500k] {S} Includes four apps (with AppleScript source): Simple Find & Replace in: Text Files, File Names, Folder Names 1 Level, and Folder Names Recursive. Screenshot

Bean 0.94 [664k] {S} Simple word processor / rich text editor. Supports basic Microsoft Word docs, in addition to standard formats (RTF, TXT, HTML, etc). Screenshot

Tofu 1.1.2 [664k] Arranges text in columns (which scroll horizontally) for easier reading. Screenshot

Notational Velocity 2.0β [712k] {S} Like a cleaner, faster Cardfile for OS X with encryption, instant search, and a choice of database formats (proprietary, plain text, rich text, and HTML). Screenshot

Hex Fiend 2.0 [935k] {S} Hex editor with support for huge (over 100GB) files. Screenshot

Smultron 1.0.1 [1228k] {S} Simple text editor with a host of features: "easy selection of opened documents, line numbers, support for syntax colouring for many different languages, support for text encodings, code snippets, a toolbar, a status bar, HTML preview, multi-document find and replace with regular expressions, possibility to show invisible characters, authenticated saves, command-line utility, .Mac synchronisation of preferences" and much more. Screenshot


ShrinkIt 1.1 [181K] Strips needless metadata from PDFs to reduce file size. Screenshot

pdftotext 3.01 [556k] Converts PDF to TXT Screenshot Download Website

Combine PDFs 1.0 [832k] {S} Combine multipage PDFs/graphics, reorder/remove pages, add meta data. Screenshot


jhead 2.3 [52k] {S} Extract/modify digital camera setting information from exif JPEG files, strip unncessary data, more. Patched version which can output EXIF data in XML format. Screenshot

ContactSheetMaker 1.0.1 [53k] {S} Simple, standalone application to create contact sheet image files from folders of images. Screenshot

Flip Through Images 1.2 [54k] Simple and fast image browser. Screenshot

freeSee 1.2.0 [59k] Picture viewer Screenshot

Screenshot Helper 2.0 [76k] Shows a full screen window with a solid color or a desktop picture so that you can take clean screenshots. Screenshot

Pngcrush 1.5.10 [88k] {S} PNG optimizer Screenshot Download

Magic Lantern 1.0.1 [120k] {S} Image viewer Screenshot Download Website

ViewIt Lite 1.0.2 [156k] Image viewer that supports most popular image formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and more.

Iconverter V0.86 [156k] {S} Import, export, and batch convert icns, gif, jpg, png, bmp, tiff and ico. Screenshot

Highlight 1.5 [84k] Markup your screen with a virtual highlighter. Especially useful for presentations. Screenshot Download

IconScanner 1.0 [244k] {S} Searches hard drive for all Apple Icon Images (.icns) and displays them in an image browser. Screenshot

Imagewell [336k] Edit, rotate, crop, resize, and upload images to iDisk, FTP or WebDAV server. Can also add text, labels, drop shadows and shapes to images. Screenshot

PhotoBrowser v0.8 [331k] Simple photo browser with EXIF info viewer Screenshot

ImageBrowser v2.2.3 [372k] Image viewer and organizer. Nagware. Screenshot

JView 2.1.1 [372k] Simple image viewer that supports multiple image formats

Resize 'Em All 1.0.8 [407k] Batch resize and rotate images Screenshot Download

SnapNDrag 1.4.2 [468k] Capture screen shots and save as PNG, JPG or TIFF. Screenshot Download Website

ThumbsUp 4.5 [512k] Batch create thumbnails via drag-and-drop Screenshot

Iconographer X 2.5 [891k] Full-featured icon editor. Formerly shareware, now free (registration name = "Iconographer is now free", code = "HG066414" Screenshot

ToyViewer 4.52 [1085k] {S} Graphic viewer that can read and display tiff, gif, bmp, png, jpg, bie(jbig), pcx, pcd, pict, pnm (ppm, pbm, or pgm), xbm, mag, SUN Rasterfile, JPEG2000(jp2, jpc, j2k), and save tiff, pdf, gif, bmp, png, jpg, JPEG2000, bie(jbig), pnm, or xbm. Screenshot

Camouflage 1.25 [1126k] Hides desktop icons, leaving nothing visible but the wallpaper. Screenshot

Vidnik 0.13.0 [1240k] {S} Record video via iSight and optionally upload to YouTube. Screenshot

ImageOptim 1.0.9 [1268k] {S} Convenient, open souce GUI for the following PNG / JPG optimizers: AdvPNG, OptiPNG, PngCrush, JpegOptim, jpegtran, and optionally PNGOUT. All are included in the binary except PNGOUT, which requires a separate download due to licensing restrictions. Screenshot


AntiRSI 2.1 [76k] Unobtrusive break reminder to help prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury) and other computer-related stress. Screenshot

SMARTReporter 2.0.1 [342k] {S} Warns of potential ATA or SATA drive failure by periodically polling the S.M.A.R.T. status of your hard drive. Notification can be made by email, a warning dialog, or launching an application. Screenshot

iTattle 2.1 [381k] Loads of system info from RAM and hard drive usage to detailed network status. Screenshot

Disk-Arbitrator 0.3.1 [414k] Mount disks as read only or prevent automounting altogether. Screenshot

fseventer 2.6.2 [450k] Monitors filesystem changes - think "FileMon for OS X". Screenshot

AppCleaner 1.0.3 [676k] An uninstaller that performs exactly like the shareware AppZapper ("The uninstaller Apple forgot") Screenshot

OnyX 1.3.1 [770k] Maintain, optimize and personalize OS X. | Review Screenshot


ddrescue 1.19 [38k] {S} Data recovery tool. Usage guide. Screenshot Download Website

unpkg 1.2 [44k] {S} Unpacks the contents of pkg files. Screenshot

File Compare 1.1 [56k] GUI front-end for md5. Screenshot

EasyFind 3.8.1 [308k] Index-free file search for OS X. Supports Boolean operators, wildcards, and phrases. Screenshot

GrandPerspective [408k] {S} Disk usage visualizer Screenshot

HardCoreZipper 2.1.3 [465k] Drag-and-drop to create ZIP files free from OS X cruft like dot underscore and Icon\r files. Screenshot

Simple Find & Replace 1.6 [500k] {S} Includes four apps (with AppleScript source): Simple Find & Replace in: Text Files, File Names, Folder Names 1 Level, and Folder Names Recursive. Screenshot

WhatSize 10.3.92 [888k] Reports directory/disk space usage Screenshot Download Website


Crypt2 [156k] Fast file and folder encryption using 576 bit Blowfish cipher. Screenshot

CiphSafe 1.3 beta 2 [255k] {S} Encrypted password storage. Uses system's OpenSSL for 320-bit Blowfish encryption. Export entries as CSV or XML. Includes random password generator. (Previous version and source can be found here.) Screenshot


iBackup 3.1.0 [516k] Simple backup/restore utility with scheduling support. Free for personal use. Screenshot

Carbon Copy Cloner 2.3 [880k] Backup, synch, and clone utility. Includes scheduling function. Screenshot

Audio & Video

Xpod 1.3.6 [81k] Copy music files from iPod to Mac. Screenshot

hymn 0.7.1 [440k] {S} Free your iTunes Music Store (protected AAC / m4p) purchases from their DRM restrictions with no sound quality loss. Screenshot

Noisy [249k] {S} White/Pink noise generator Screenshot

WireTap 1.0.0 [800k] Records any playing audio to AIFF. Screenshot

Skreenics 1.0.1 [332k] {S} Automatically generate contact sheets (thumbnails) of videos. Screenshot

Goldberg 2.5 [882k] Image and movie editor/viewer with support for applying QuickTime and other effects. Screenshot

Switch 1.05 [924k] Batch convert sound files (wav, mp3, au, aif/aiff, ogg, flac, wma, wmv, aac, m4a, rm/ra, mov, more). The Windows version supports additional formats, including dvf. Screenshot

MacTheRipper 2.6.6 [1120k] DVD ripper/extractor for Mac OS X Screenshot

MPEG Streamclip 1.9.2 [1305k] Lossless video editor Screenshot

last update: 2015.03.22