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Numbers in brackets generally refer to RAM used rather than download size. The Green Award and "+" symbol do not apply to Palm-based apps.


PalmVNC 2.0 [58k] {S} VNC for Palm OS 3.5 - 5. Supports improved screen resolutions of LifeDrive, Tungsten, Clie, etc. Screenshot

Downloader 1.1 [62k] File downloader (similar to wget or curl). Options include: I (display images in list), L (display links in list), and C (force download to card - useful for viewing source code, as Blazer does not have a "view source" function). Screenshot Download Website

TuSSH 0.83 [296k] SSH client for Palm OS 4 or greater. Screenshot

pssh version 2005-06-23 [297k] {S} SSH 2 for Palm OS 5. Screenshot


TiBR (Tiny Book Reader) [52k] PalmDoc reader. Lite version uses only 25k of memory. Screenshot

CSpotRun [28k] {S} Pilot Doc reader Screenshot

QED [41k] DOC reader (free) and editor (shareware) Screenshot

CardTXT 0.50a [50k] Read and write TXT files up to 4MB in size. Screenshot

Plucker [85k] {S} Plucker is an offline web and eBook viewer that comes with Unix, Linux tools and conduits, and Windows and Mac OSX conduits that let you decide exactly what part of the web that you want to view on your PDA. Screenshot

List [26k] {S} Simple database app Screenshot

FreeGrid v0.5b [30k] Light spreadsheet for Palm. Screenshot

MobileDB Lite [76k] Viewer for table or spreadsheet-like information Screenshot

IntelligentFind 3.2.2 [268k] $ The best Palm OS Find replacement, though it suffers from an ungainly installation and registration process. Screenshot


Snap 0.2.5 [11k] Screenshot app for PalmOS 5. Saves images as BMP files on expansion card. Screenshot

DiddleBug 2.90.7 [155k] {S} Sticky notes / sketch pad app with built-in alarm Screenshot


X-Master [53k] Hack/extension management program. Lite version also available. Screenshot

Disable Buttons 2.1 [6k] Disable the hard buttons from powering on your Palm device. Screenshot

Newpen [23k] Use your entire screen for graffiti input. Screenshot

BatteryLog [31k] Battery information & monitor Screenshot

Thin Font Fix 1.0b3 [10k] Make fonts easier to read on Sony CLIEs with high resolution screens and Palm OS 3.5 - 4.1. Screenshot

ChangeName 3.2 [9k] {S} Set/change the UserName (HotSyncName) and the UserID directly on your Palm OS 3.3 - 5.x device. You can also fake the FlashRomSerialNumber and the OS Version (string). Includes a program for MS Windows to show all user in the PalmDesktop user database (users.dat) and it allows to change a user name on the desktop. Screenshot

Benchmark 2.0 [6k] Measure CPU speed and bus bandwidth utilization; compare results with other models. Screenshot

Speedy 2.6 [28k] Benchmark utility Screenshot


Green Award prc2bin 1.0 [14k] + Takes a Pilot resource database (PRC) file and extracts each resource into a separate file. Screenshot Download

GentleMan [83k] {S} Full featured file manager Screenshot

Filez 6.8.3 [160k] {S} View, edit, copy, move, delete, and beam any file on your Palm device. Includes hex editor, memory card & hotsync info screens, memory card to memory card copying. Screenshot


pCrack [4k] Crack the built-in Palm password on Palm OS 3.51 or earlier. Screenshot

Strip (Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords) v1.0 [45k] {S} Password manager with 256 bit AES encryption. Screenshot

Keyring for Palm OS [72k] {S} Securely store secret information on your PalmOS handheld. Triple-DES encryption, random password generator, export to MemoPad, and support for a number of languages. Screenshot

Backup & Synchronizing

BackupBuddy VFS:Free [112k] Backup to and restore from expansion cards (SD/MMC). Shareware version also available. Screenshot

Pilot Install v4.5.0 [465k] Windows/OS X app that installs Palm OS Software WITHOUT HotSync. Free for private use. Screenshot

Green Award PenguinBackup [1249k] {S}+ Backup and restore your PalmPilot (OS 1.x - 3.x) with a single floppy. Screenshot

Alarms & Clocks

Timer 0.1 [8k] {S} Sound alarm at regular intervals Screenshot

Meditation Timer 1.3.1 [15k] Beeps/vibrates at regular intervals (1 minute to 99 hours). Stops after 1-999 stages or counts forever. Screenshot

Chimester 1.8 [22k] Can be set to play a MIDI/WAV file, vibrate, or activate the LED on the hour or any 15 minute increment thereof. Find in Prefs > Other after installation. Screenshot Download

Stopwatch 2.0 [48k] Digital stopwatch for Palm OS 3.0 and higher. Screenshot Download

BigClock [50k] {S} Full-featured clock Screenshot

SilentCue 1.2 [54k] Vibrates Palm device at custom interval ranging from 1 to 60 minutes. Screenshot

PocketDoan 3.4.1 [100k] Single and multi-stage meditation timer with audio, vibration, and LED alerts. Screenshot

Chime 1.2 [781k] Sounds (via voice, chime, or vibration) on the hour, half hour, or quarter hour during a given day/time range. Screenshot


chmod v2.1 [8k] Calculates octal notation of *nix file system permissions Screenshot

AsciiChart 2.0.4 [17k] ASCII chart which displays decimal, octal and hexadecimal values for characters as well as their height and width. Screenshot

SoundRec v1.051 [24k] {S} Voice memo recorder. One button recording, save or export to SD card, more. Screenshot Download

Converter [25k] Unit conversion tool supporting over 200 unit types in 23 different categories. Screenshot

MegaWiki 5.4 [34k] Link text across apps Screenshot

Calcul-8! [50k] Scientific Calculator with Conversion Screenshot

MileageX [124k] Keep track of mileage (Note: in addition to MileageX.prc, the hosted archive contains PDATAdvUtilsLib.prc, PDATDBXLibRT.prc, and PDATCDLib.prc, which resolve the following error messages respectively: "Lib not found: Lib=paUL.", "Lib not found: Lib=DBex.", and "Lib not found: Lib=Pcdl.") Screenshot Download

DeskPilot v0.9 [265k] + Standalone viewer for Palm Desktop's Address Book, MemoPad, ToDo List and DateBook files. Screenshot


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