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Tiny text editors from Rich Green's Free Software For DOS pages

🌱 EzEdit 2.0 [4k] {S}+ Tiny text editor 📺

🌱 The GUN 2.5 [6k] + "Fully drag & drop enabled, supports wordwrap and uses the full operating system based search capacity with case sensitive, insensitive and whole word search." There is also no effective limit on file size. 📺

🌱 Binary to Hex Editor [16k] + Ascii Hex editor & converter 📺

🌱 CryptNote v1.00 [19k] + Secure text editor that transparently encrypts or decrypts user text with the AES/Rijndael algorithm. 📺

EDXOR [22k] + Innovative clipboard handling, cryptographic options and logic text conversions. Supports large files, drag-and-drop, file associations and command line. 📺

🌱 SavageEd [23k] {S}+ Open virtually any size file (limited only by available memory), optionally save settings to an INI file or the registry (uninstall function included), search/find/replace, more. 📺

🌱 Win32Pad [30k] + Small and feature-packed notepad replacement. 📺

🌱 Quick Editor 3.5 [37k] + Powerful text editor with a scripting engine, TrueType support, comprehensive search and replace function, much more. From the maker of The GUN (which is also included in the download). 📺

metapad 3.51 [48k] {S}+ What Notepad should've been. Crafted in pure ANSI C with the Win32 API. 📺

🌱 GreenPad 1.05 [70k] {S}+ Text editor with syntax highlighting, regexp search, unicode support, more. 📺

TED Notepad 4.3.1 [81k] + Notepad replacement with Unix-like text functions, hotkeys, multiple clipboards, and much more. Written in pure ANSI C using the system API functions. 📺

🌱 VDE 1.96A [90k] + DOS/console text editor with an essential core of word processing features, including support for WordStar, WordPerfect, and Microsoft Word formats. 📺

WinVi 2.90 [143k] {S}+ Notepad meets Vi 📺

🌱 NotGNU Emacs Editor [from 164k] + Similar to GNU Emacs but much smaller and lighter, with a Windows look and feel. Several versions available. 📺

🌱 MicroEMACS 3.11c [198k] {S}+ Text editor based on GNU Emacs. Binaries for many platforms available. 📺

🌱 SciTE 1.47 [200k] {S}+ Source code & text editor based on SCIntilla. Linux binary also available. 📺

🌱 RemotePad [244k] + Combination plain-text-editor and ftp-client. 📺

NotepadEx [248k] + Fast replace function, can open and save Unix and Mac files, trim trailing spaces, stay on top, custom keyboard shortcuts, and much more. 📺

🌱 Notepad2 3.0.20 [258k] {S}+ Text editor based on Scintilla. Feels like metapad with syntax / current line highlighting but without quick buffers (shortcut keys for custom text insertion). 📺

🌱 Zenedit 1.4 [283k] + Minimalist text editor designed to prevent distractions 📺

🌱 Pedit 4.0 [301k] + "Includes pop-up tables, column support, macro key, undo, copy & paste to other Windows applications, long filenames, word wrap, spell checker, thesaurus, HTML support, and much more." 📺

EditPad Classic v3.5.3 [312k] + Notepad replacement with tabs, ROT-13 converter, option to stay on top of other windows, more. Postcardware. 📺 💾 🌎

🌱 Q10 1.2.21 [357k] + Full-screen, portable text editor 📺

🌱 AEdit 5.0 b1 [396k] Word processor with text encryption and optional spell checker. Supports opening/saving ECO, TXT, and RTF files and importing from DOC, XLS, WRI, HTML, and 123 files. 📺

🌱 XVI32 2.51 [493k] + Full-featured hex editor. Runs under Windows 95 and higher. 📺

Programmer's File Editor (PFE) [607k] + Programming-oriented text editor capable of opening enormous files (limited only by the total amount of virtual memory available). Guide | Reviews 📺

🌱 HxD [789k] + Hex editor / disk editor / RAM editor with support for huge file sizes ("if it fits on a disk/drive you can open it"). Features include: fast find and replace, checksum calculation, file shredding, concatenation or splitting of files, statistics, and more. 📺

🌱 NoteTab Light (tiny version) [953k] + The Swiss Army Knife of text editors. Review 📺 💾 🌎

Word processor filters courtesy of the W3C.

Text Search, Replace, etc.

🌱 FIND Tools [9k] + Includes XFIND (scan multiple files for a string, reporting all files where the string was found) and TFIND (scan a single file for a string, reporting all lines where the given strings were found) 📺

🌱 FindAll [21k] + Find files that contain (or don't contain) a given search string. 📺

🌱 grep [22k] + Search for patterns in files 📺

🌱 Gsar for Windows [34k] {S}+ Search/replace strings (even control characters and extended ASCII) in text and binary files. Incredibly fast. 📺

🌱 MiniTrue [from 66k] {S}+ Search and replace with a full-featured textviewer. DOS, Windows, and Linux versions available. 📺

🌱 grep32 [89k] {S}+ Powerful text search from GNU | Tutorial 📺

🌱 GREP for Windows [101k] {S}+ Similar to above; can also search through subdirectories 📺

BareGrep [140k] + Grep with GUI. Works with both plain text and binary files. 📺

TexRep v1.1 [154k] Simple text replace across multiple files 📺

BK ReplaceEm 2.0 [410k] + Incredibly powerful text search and replace utility for Windows. (With the kind permission of the author, this non-installing version is hosted by TinyApps.) 📺 💾 🌎

🌱 CatView 3.2 [249k] + Comprehensively search plain text files which contain many delimited lines of information, such as catalogs or lists. 📺 💾

WanyWord 3.00 [459k] {S} Text search with Boolean and Near operators 📺

GetInfo beta 1 [213k] Find and extract information from all types of files. Also handy for extracting email addresses from files. 📺 💾

🌱 Text File Line Stripper 2.1 [22k] + Strip or modify lines from a text document or the clipboard if the lines contain a certain string (or alternatively, if they don't contain the string). 📺


🌱 UBIK 1.01 [23k] + Very simple database run from the command line. Suitable for small fragments of text like phone numbers, bookmarks, email addresses, etc. 📺

🌱 VisiCalc [27k] + The original VisiCalc spreadsheet program 📺

🌱 FlexiCAT 1.2 [33k] + Tiny database program 📺 💾

🌱 FAC 1.75 [92k] + DOS TSR-capable, simple PIM with freeform/fuzzy search. Includes an (old but updatable) area code database. Was shareware, now donationware. 📺 💾

🌱 MemPad 3.32 [97k] + Plain text outliner and note taking program with a tree-like structure. Features include web/network/local/internal links, auto save, hotkeys, search/replace, import/export, and more. 📺

🌱 ScrapBook 2.30 [286k] + Cardfile-like app for storing chunks of text. 📺

Treepad 2.6.9 [380k] + Freeform, tree-like database 📺

Spread32 v1.20 [509k] + Small but powerful spreadsheet program. Import & export standard Excel, Pocket Excel and CSV files. CE & shareware (no nags) versions also available. 📺

🌱 Abykus 1.02 [573k] + Object-oriented spreadsheet. 📺

KeyNote 0.999 [703k] {S}+ Treepad-like app with RichText support, encryption (Blowfish or IDEA), import/export TXT, RTF, HJT (Treepad), n_text (DartNotes), HTML (import only), and much more. 📺


🌱 FFCAT [8k] + Concatenate (combine) multiple files into a single new file. 📺

🌱 cat [17k] + Concatenate files (part of the Berkely Utilities). 📺

🌱 CONCAT [54k] + Create a single output file from one or more input files. 📺 💾


🌱 pdftohtml [294k] {S}+ Converts files from the Portable Document Format (PDF) files into the HTML file format 📺

🌱 Sumatra PDF 1.0 [1188k] {S}+ Slim and fast open source PDF viewer 📺

Foxit PDF Reader 1.3 [1239k] + View and print PDF documents. CJK support with additional download. Free non-commercial use. 📺

🌱 pdftk 1.12 [1431k] {S}+ Merge PDF documents, split PDF pages into a new document, decrypt input as necessary (password required), encrypt output as desired, fill PDF forms with FDF data and/or flatten forms, apply a background watermark, report on PDF metrics such as metadata, bookmarks, and page labels, update PDF metadata, attach files to PDF pages or the PDF document, unpack PDF attachments, burst a PDF document into single pages, uncompress and re-compress page streams, repair corrupted PDF (where possible). 📺 💾


🌱 gclip.exe 1.0 [8k] {S}+ Get Windows clipboard text from stdin; similar to pbcopy. 📺 💾

🌱 pclip.exe 1.0 [8k] {S}+ Put the Windows clipboard text to stdout; similar to pbpaste. 📺 💾

🌱 TCAP [8k] + TSR text capture in DOS/Windows console; similar to Unix's "script" command. 📺

PureText 2.0 [13k] + Quickly convert formatted text to plain text via hotkey or system tray icon. 📺

DzSoft Paste & Save 2001 [556k] Save text clips in one continuous file 📺 💾 🌎

Decoding Rotated Strings

🌱 XORSearch 1.4.0 [40k] {S}+ Search for a given string in an XOR, ROL or ROT encoded binary file. 📺

🌱 FTard Decoder Ring [154k] + Decode rotated ASCII for analysis. Supports ROTX, ROT13, ROT47, XOR, Caesar, Binary, Hex, Octal, Morse, more. 📺 💾


🌱 TinyView [0.9k] + Tiny text viewer that works with any size text file. 📺 💾

🌱 Word Count [1k] {S}+ Count characters, words and lines in files. 📺 💾

🌱 ShowText [6k] + Displays all ASCII text in a given binary file. 📺 💾

🌱 XCRLF [7k] + Convert a text file between different operating environment formats (MS-DOS, UNIX, and Macintosh) 📺

🌱 uniq [13k] + Weed out or find duplicate lines in a sorted file 📺

🌱 RPSORT 1.02 [19k] {S}+ Sorts large files extremely fast. 📺 💾

🌱 TyperTask 1.16 [52k] + Text expander for inserting frequently-used snippets of text. Includes advanced automation features like program launching, window activation, delays, and mouse clicks. 📺

🌱 FIXTEXT [79k] + Applies a user-definable character-translation table to a text file. Convert graphics characters to their text equivalents, lowercase letters to uppercase letter, etc. Translate DOS text files to Mac or Unix text files and vice versa. Expand tabs, remove trailing spaces, and remove backspaces. 📺

StoryMaster 1.2 [91k] Ascii text reformatting tool 📺 💾

last update: 2021.12.14