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ddrescue binary for Mac OS X #

John Gilmore's comparison of dd, dd_rescue, dd_rhelp, and ddrescue reinforces the view that ddrescue is the clear winner for data recovery. John went to the trouble of providing an OS X binary of ddrescue 1.1 so that others might avoid having to sign up for ADC membership, download the 1GB+ Xcode package, and compile from source. Since 1.1 is now almost three years old, I've compiled the latest version (1.8) under Leopard in hopes it might be of some small use to someone (and I do mean small - it's just 32k): download | screenshot. Use at your own risk (and joy).

  1. Just found a great thread on using ddrescue under OS X.
  2. The TinyApps.Org guide to imaging a corrupt hard drive now includes OS X instructions for ddrescue.
  3. Latest stable binary as of September 2013, compiled under Snow Leopard and successfully tested in Lion and Mountain Lion as well: ddrescue_1.17.zip

/mac | Aug 22, 2008

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