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iPhoto - Delete thumbnails of missing images #

(i.e., those that appear as exclamation points when opened) with Thomas Tempelmann's Tag Missing Files AppleScript:
Checks if the original (or master) images are still accessible (you might have deleted the originals, or maybe they're just on another media or network volume that's currently not present). If these files are missing, they're tagged with the keyword "missing-file". You can then select those and delete them or handle them in other ways. To use, simply open iPhoto, then open this script. It will then check all your images in your library. You can also change it to check only select items in your library. To do that, open the .app file with Script Editor (inside /Applications/Utilities/) and change the setting for appliesToEntireLibrary from true to false, then save and re-run it.
Also included in the archive are "Tag non-RAW and RAW+ images" as well as "iPhoto Remove Duplicates" (which is reportedly not yet reliable).

/mac | Apr 15, 2014

Obtaining previous versions of Mac OS X #

To their credit, Apple still offers Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion for sale (though the delivery channels seem rather quaint and antiquated):

Glad to see 10.6 is still available (albeit unmaintained).

Apparently, joining the Mac Developer Program ($99/year) is another way to obtain previous versions:

/mac | Apr 08, 2014

Installing the Savin 816 (aka Ricoh Aficio MP 161) under Mavericks #

Don't waste time with any of these - they don't work: Simply add a new printer by IP address, select "Line Printer Daemon" as the protocol and "Generic PCL Printer" (not "Generic PostScript Printer") for the driver.

/mac | Apr 07, 2014

Freeware reboot-to-restore apps #

have been covered before; here's another from Horizon Data Sys:

/windows | Mar 10, 2014

If Deep Freeze and Drive SnapShot had a love-child, #

it might look a lot like:
Reuschtools 3.07 [973k] $ Reboot-to-restore + bare-metal recovery (via WinPE disc that is created using base system - no need for WAIK or Windows install media) + adaptive restore to dissimilar hardware (including UEFI systems to BIOS and vice versa) + insanely fast, system image backup and restore (even to/from single system partition) + multiple, simultaneous destinations + 32 and 64 bit versions in a single installer under 1MB + support for Windows XP through 8.1 (including Server 2003, 2008, and 2012) + a slew of other features (encryption, compression, folder backups, scheduling, single click restores, etc) - activation scheme tied to hardware - incomplete English documentation Screenshot

Don't miss CopyCd by the same author, a tiny app for copying and burning CDs, DVDs, BDs, and ISO files.

/windows | Mar 10, 2014

Kindle: Opening PRC files #

PSA: Some Kindle devices and app versions open PRC files just fine, but others require that the extension be changed from PRC to MOBI. More: .prc vs. .mobi | Are PRC and MOBI files identical?

/eink | Mar 09, 2014

Really tiny hosting #

onekb.net offers one kilobyte of free (for 1024 minutes) web hosting. After the first 17 hours, it's one satoshi per hour = 0.0000876 XBT per year =~ five cents at the current exchange rate. For that tidy tiny sum, you get a subdomain (whatever.onekb.net) and an HTML form into which you can enter 1024 bytes.

/misc | Mar 07, 2014

Optiplex 755: SM Bus Controller and PCI Serial Port not recognized #

To resolve, chipset drivers need to be installed. But you won't find them if you enter your Service Tag into Dell's support page. Drill down to your model beginning with "Select a product" instead to unearth the necessary drivers (Intel AMT HECI, Intel AMT SOL/LMS, and Intel Chipset Driver).

/windows | Mar 06, 2014

Remove Chromium Notifications in OS X Menu Bar #

Open chrome://flags and set "Enable Rich Notifications Mac, Windows" to "Disabled". (The standard Command + click and drag does not work to remove the icon.)

/misc | Mar 05, 2014

Terminal-based calendar and to-do list #

calcurse "helps keep track of events, appointments and everyday tasks. A configurable notification system reminds user of upcoming deadlines, and the curses based interface can be customized to suit user needs." Import from ICS and export to ICS or PCAL.

Terminal-based calendar

Note: Had to install ncursesw (sudo apt-get install libncursesw5-dev) under Ubuntu before calcurse would install (./configure && make && sudo make install).

/nix | Mar 04, 2014

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