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E Ink word processor #

A few years ago, we shared how to turn your Kindle DX into an E Ink computer monitor. For those who prefer a simpler, all-in-one device, the Hemingwrite will offer: 6" E Ink screen, aluminum case, mechanical keyboard with customizable Cherry MX switches, and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity.


Somewhat similar concept as the AlphaSmart, though E Ink and Cherry switches will be a huge upgrade. It would be nice to see more screen and less case in the top half of the device.

/eink | Oct 28, 2014

Download emcopy.exe directly from EMC (rather than some random FTP site) #

I just learned about emcopy.exe, a file copy utility from EMC similar (and superior in some ways) to xcopy, robocopy, xxcopy, etc. Finding and downloading it is not as straightforward as it should be; here's what worked for me:
  1. Signup for a free account at https://support.emc.com.
  2. Click link in activation email to complete signup process and then sign in.
  3. (Before continuing to step 4, I clicked "Download Center Registration" on the https://support.emc.com/downloads page and registered; not sure if that was required, as the form output was rather ambiguous.)
  4. The direct download link for the archive containing emcopy.exe (https://download.emc.com/downloads/DL32449_CIFS-Tools.zip.zip (yes, there are two .zip file extensions), which I originally found mentioned here, did not initially work for me even after signing in (though a bit later it did start working - not sure if this had anything to do with the Download Center Registration). I had to go to https://support.emc.com/downloads/82_Celerra, click the Title column, search the page for "CIFS Tools.zip", and click the link there to download (MD5: c5e480a84e6dd7d8d3b2f2186a549d0c | October 30, 2013 | 8.5 MB).
  5. Once unzipped, you'll find 32 and 64 bit versions of emcopy.exe 04.14 in disk3/apps_7.1.72.1/CifsTools/emcopy/nt/ as well as a readme.txt file in the directory just above.

/windows | Oct 26, 2014

Ad Muncher #

Great story from developer Murray Hurps: Ad Muncher's 15 Year History. Here are a few excerpts:
"I loved low-level code, doing a lot of x86 assembly coding on a 386DX-40. When Windows 95 came along, I stayed at the low level and loved finding ways to do novel things on the new platform ... Our first installer was 29kb in size, which included the filter list ... Popups started to become more common around this time (X10's popunder ads were a notable source of complaints from users, wonder why?), so I implemented a rudimentary JavaScript processor, which traced script execution paths and tried to determine which paths to popup functions were automatic (bad popups) and which needed user input (good ones). Ad Muncher was still 100% x86 assembly at this point."

After 15 years as shareware, Murray is generously releasing Ad Muncher for free.

/windows | Oct 19, 2014

Remove metadata from JPGs with jhead #

Strip potentially revealing EXIF data (camera model, GPS coordinates, etc) with jhead (mentioned recently):

jhead -purejpg file.jpg

Batch processing works to:

jhead -purejpg /path/to/pics/*.jpg

EXIF metadata can be displayed by simply pointing jhead to a file or folder, e.g.,

jhead /path/to/pics/*.jpg

/nix | Oct 19, 2014

Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter adds P2V support #

Microsoft® Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC) 3.0 is a Microsoft-supported, stand-alone solution for the information technology (IT) pro or solution provider who wants to convert virtual machines and disks from VMware hosts to Hyper-V® hosts and Windows Azure™ or alternatively convert a physical computer running Windows Server 2008 or above server operating systems or Windows Vista or above client operating systems to a virtual machine running on Hyper-V host.

(via The Deployment Bunny)

/windows | Oct 15, 2014

Test your web browser for the SSL3 POODLE vulnerability #

POODLE Test checks your web browser for the SSL3 POODLE vulnerability. A poodle picture will appear if the vulnerability is found, otherwise a photo of a terrier will be displayed. A quick sampling under OS X 10.9.5 found Safari 7.1 (9537. and Chrome 37.0.2062.124 to be vulnerable, while Firefox 33.0 and Opera 12.16 were reportedly safe.

(via The Safe Mac)

/misc | Oct 15, 2014

Blocking BadUSB #

USB KEYBOARD GUARD from G DATA attempts to block BadUSB attacks by requiring users to approve newly-detected USB keyboards.

(via Robert Penz, who also points to Christian Vogel's Linux instructions for blocking BadUSB)

UPDATE: Claus Valca has more information on BadUSB and USB KEYBOARD GUARD.

/windows | Oct 12, 2014

The shortcut to serenity #

"If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it." -- Marcus Aurelius

/misc | Oct 08, 2014

VirtualObjectives #

offers a number of free utilities, including:

/windows | Oct 05, 2014

Windows 10 Technical Preview #

Windows 10 Technical Preview ISOs are out. A few thoughts (billg: I carp because I care):
  1. Setup screens during install are the same as those from Windows 8
  2. Same annoying "Sign in to your Microsoft account" after install with no apparent way to bypass. As before, disconnecting from the network, clicking the back arrow, then clicking next allows creation of a local account instead. Microsoft: Please fix this - give users an obvious way to avoid having to setup or sign in to yet another online account (as OS X does).
  3. Strange popup (for feedback, I suppose): "How hard was it to use Start?" Dear Microsoft, How hard was it to add Start?
  4. The power button ("Power Options") is now at the top of the Start menu - please put it back at the bottom where it belongs.
  5. Put all of the "Windows Store apps" in a folder instead of having to scroll endlessly through them. And while you're at it, please re-add the ability to easily create, delete, and rename folders on the Start menu (the only options from the context menu are "Expand" or "Collapse").

So far, as near as I can tell, Windows 10 is basically Windows 8.1 with a garish Start menu; calling it 8.2 or even 8.1.1 would seem closer to the truth.


/windows | Oct 01, 2014

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