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Four things OS X can learn from Windows 95 #

You would think that after all these years, Apple would have copied these simple yet essential abilities from Windows 95:
  1. In Spotlight's search result window, files should be able to be deleted, copied, moved, renamed, etc.
  2. Spotlight should offer an "In Folder" or "Location" column rather than forcing the user to press the tiny "i" symbol for each result.
  3. The Trash should have two more columns: "Date Deleted" and "Original Location".
  4. The context menu in the Trash should offer a "Restore" option to return files to their original location. This is especially useful in putting back the 20 or 30 files from 10 different locations that Adobe asked you to remove and then realized they shouldn't have.

Windows' Find Files or Folders

OS X's Spotlight

Windows' Recycle Bin

OS X's Trash

/mac | Mar 21, 2007

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