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Migrating from the QuickBooks 2011 for Mac trial to retail #

Intuit offers a 30-day trial of QuickBooks 2011 for Mac. Sadly, they do not offer a way to activate or convert it to a retail copy. Instead, you can download a retail version from Intuit for $229.95 or buy a boxed copy from Amazon for $179.99. For those who choose the latter, beware: the data you've been working on in the trial version cannot (initially) be opened by the retail copy from disc. You're greeted with this helpful message:
The document "filename.qb2011" could not be opened. The managed object model version used to open the persistent store is incompatible with the one that was used to create the persistent store.
This can be resolved by updating to the latest version (QuickBooks > Check for QuickBooks Updates...). Before pressing "Install and Relaunch", you may want to grab a copy of the downloaded archive (which is a full version of the app and was located at /private/var/folders/ec/longstring/-Tmp-/QuickBooks 12.0f4060 Update/QuickBooks.tgz on my machine) for safe keeping.

On a side note, to cd into a directory that starts with a dash / hyphen / minus sign, prefix the name with the directory path (i.e., './'). cd -Tmp-, cd '-Tmp-', and cd "-Tmp-", all return "invalid option", while cd ./-Tmp- does the trick.

/mac | May 13, 2011

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