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Microsoft Error Reporting for Mac 2.2.9 Update #

The past few days, the following error has appeared when attempting to update new installs of Microsoft Office 2011 and 2016 for Mac:
An unexpected error occurred.
These applications were not updated:
Microsoft Error Reporting
All other updates would install, but "Microsoft Error Reporting for Mac 2.2.9 Update" remained.

MacUpdate's listing pointed to MERP_229.dmg hosted on Microsoft.com, but the resulting dmg file turned out to be simply an HTML file containing a 404 message. The original Microsoft Error Reporting for Mac 2.2.9 Update webpage at Microsoft had also vanished; Google has a cached copy.

Happily, I stumbled onto TJ Luoma's large repository of Mac apps, including the missing MERP_229.dmg. Installing it resolved the update error. Thank you TJ!

/mac | Apr 24, 2016

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