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You've no doubt heard about Microsoft faithfully serving China by quashing free thinkers and the like. Michael Connolly defends his employer with the following logic:
In China, there is a unique issue for our entire industry: there are certain aspects of speech in China that are regulated by the government. We've made a choice to run a service in China, and to do that, we need to adhere to local regulations and laws.
The next day, he follows with:
When we look at adherence to local law, we are only concerned with the Spaces associated with the particular market the official has jurisdiction over. So, if Germany has issues with Nazi propaganda on a Space that is set up by a German user in Germany, we need to pay attention to that, since Nazi propaganda is illegal in Germany.
By the same logic, if the Nazis still controlled Germany, Microsoft would have no problem hushing up that troublesome little holocaust issue, I suppose. To be fair, even that holiest of holies, Google ("Don't be evil"), sees fit to omit "contentious" news stories from search results in China. I wonder if they mean "contentious" as in, "Chinese protesters report a massacre"?

/misc | Jan 06, 2006

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