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CO2Stats - Making websites green #

"CO2Stats makes your site carbon neutral and shows visitors you're environmentally friendly.... [The service] automatically meters your website's total energy consumption, helps to make it more energy efficient, and then purchases audited renewable energy from wind and solar farms to neutralize its carbon footprint - all for a flat, affordable monthly fee."

I plugged TinyApps.Org into their calculator (which sadly returned the wrong plan based on our number of monthly page views - about 300,000) and within a few hours, Alex (one of the co-founders) had taken the trouble of looking me up and sending a very nice message. Over the course of several emails, I became convinced that these guys are destined for success based on their integrity, kindness, speed, and (perhaps not least of all) phenomenal flattery skills. They have already signed some big names like IBM, Harvard, and Segway, and I trust the service will continue to grow apace.

UPDATE: Treehugger has covered some green web hosting options as well.

/misc | Dec 02, 2008

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