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Abandonware #

Vetusware.com has an extensive collection of abandonware, including: operating systems (MS-DOS 6.22, Macintosh System 7, etc), compilers (WinDASM 8.9, TASM 5.0, Borland C++ Builder 5.5, etc), office apps (WordPerfect 5.1, Word 6.0, etc), databases (dBase 5.0, Paradox 5.0, FoxPro 2.6, etc), and much more.

UPDATE 1: Brian in Forth Worth wrote in to share his experience and opinion:
What is UP with the website vestusware.com? After going to the site and registering (several times) there was never a password supplied, either real-time, or by email. Even using the "lost, or forgotten" password reset function (P/W was to be sent to email address) did not result in a password being given. I am beginning to suspect a *re-direction* to a malicious site....?
UPDATE 2: John in Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia (whew!) kindly wrote in to share his experience, which differed markedly from Brian's:
I had no problem at all with Vetusware - I signed up, received my password by email, logged in, and was able to download a program (it wasn't what I hoped for - but that's not Vetusware's fault). I'd suggest that Brian in Fort worth has a problem with his email.

/misc | Jul 10, 2009

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