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Downloading DjVu files from Internet Archive (archive.org) #

Clicking DjVu book links on archive.org opens them in a Java applet within the web browser, with no option to save. Right clicking and "saving link as..." results in a tiny HTML file being downloaded instead. Here's how to download the actual DjVu file (we'll use H.G. Wells' The wonderful visit in this example):
  1. Right click and copy the DjVu link: http://www.archive.org/stream/wonderfulvisit00welluoft/wonderfulvisit00welluoft.djvu
  2. Paste the link into your browser's address bar
  3. Add an extra forward slash before "stream": http://www.archive.org//stream/wonderfulvisit00welluoft/wonderfulvisit00welluoft.djvu
  4. Press Enter to begin downloading the DjVu file
UPDATE: The DjVu file can also be downloaded from the directory listing: simply click the "HTTP" link to the right of "All Files:" to access.

/misc | Dec 27, 2009

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