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Dell MFP 3115cn network scanning error: Network Not Ready 016-790 #

When connected to a network, the Dell 3115cn can send scans to a SMB share or FTP server. The setup process could be clearer, as evidenced by posts like these: We resolved a "Network Not Ready 016-790" error message from the panel: SCAN > Scan Defaults > Network Port > changed interface from the unused wireless to wired. This can also be done from the web interface: Printer Settings > Printer Settings > Scan Defaults > Network Port. While you're there, here are the SMB settings that worked for us:
  1. Address Book > Server Address > Create
  2. Name: enter a short, friendly name
  3. Server Type: SMB
  4. Server Address: use static IP of SMB server
  5. Server Port Number: 139
  6. Login Name and Login Password: account which exists on SMB server and has access to the shared directory
  7. Share Name: name of shared directory
  8. Server Path: blank

/misc | Jan 23, 2010

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