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Buffalo TeraStation blinking red light #

The TeraStation HD-H1.0TGL/R5 suffers from an unfortunate design flaw: by default, when a drive in the RAID array fails (indicated by the STATUS/FULL LED flashing red) the TeraStation shuts down within seconds of booting up. How are distraught users supposed to recover their data from a still-functional (though degraded) RAID1 or RAID5 array?

In short: with a quickness. You'll need to know (or find) the IP address of your TeraStation (the default is and the username/password (defaults are "admin" and "password"). As soon as the TeraStation begins to power up, start trying to access


in your web browser. This is the Disk Management > RAID Configuration page Screenshot. At the bottom of the page, under "RAID Array Error Detection Response", change the "Automatic Shutdown" option from "Enable" to "Disable" and click Apply. The TeraStation will still shutdown this time, but when you press the power button next time, it will stay on. Copy your data immediately!

/misc | Jan 05, 2011

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