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Retire in 5 years #

Jacob Lund Fisker's Early Retirement Extreme is highly recommended for those who seek a free (if unconventional) lifestyle. See also his 4-part blog post, How I became financially independent in 5 years: 1 2 3 4.

Favorite quote so far from the book:
"... [M]odern society seems to be using a slightly more complicated version of a Keynesian economic stimulus scheme where the economy is stimulated by having some people dig a hole, then having others fill it back in the next day ... We're even following Keynes' suggestion quite literally when we dig resources out of the ground, fashion them into consumer objects, temporarily store them in our homes, rarely use them, and eventually replace them with a new and bigger model, while sending the old and likely still functional object to a landfill—back in the ground."
If you enjoy ERE, don't miss Tom Neale's classic tale, An Island to Oneself: 1 2 3

/misc | Feb 26, 2011

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