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Air travel essentials for long flights #

Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling HeadphonesAvoid noise fatigue+++++Next to water, the single most important in-flight item in my opinion.
Flight SprayAvoid dry nose++++Much more effective than the damp washcloth I used formerly.
No-Jet-Lag"For the relief of tiredness and jet lag associated with flying"?Despite taking as directed, not really sure if this had any effect, though there are plenty of positive reviews on Amazon.
Source Naturals NADH 20mg"Helps relieve drowsiness and restores alertness and energy"++++Definitely seemed to help keep me awake when needed.
Herbatonin 3mg Plant Melatonin"Helps support normal sleep patterns when disrupted by travel and changing time zones"++++Definitely seemed to help get me to sleep when needed.
Vitalsox Graduated Compression SocksPossibly help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism?Did not really feel any difference, but also did not develp DVT (not that I ever have).
Memory Foam Neck PillowDoze in relative comfort-Despite hours of research (and a slew of positive reviews on Amazon), this did not work for me at all - gave away after landing. The vast majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive, however.
WaterAvoid dehydration (and in-flight meals)+++++A must.

/misc | Jun 26, 2015

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