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Virtual electronics education kit #

Poking around for something like a virtualized Elenco EP130 130-in-1 Electronics Playground ("Learn basic principles of electricity, electronics, physics and magnetism!"):


I stumbled onto Winston Wolff's Electropocalypse for iOS, OS X, and Windows:


He credits The Incredible Machine and Rocky's Boots as inspirations, but far surpasses them for learning about electricity, covering "switches, current and voltage, resistors, using voltmeters and ammeters, series vs. parallel circuits, polarity, and Ohms law."

The only downside is that an Internet connection is required, since the circuit analyzer (SPICE) is hosted online instead of being embedded in the game.

I asked Winston via email what would happen if Electropocalypse was abandoned; he kindly replied that the game would probably be open sourced at that point.

After completing Electropocalypse, check out 5Spice for Windows (free for non-commercial use) or MacSpice (free) for OS X.

/misc | May 16, 2016

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