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Free shell scripting guide from Apple #

At 260 pages, Apple's Shell Scripting Primer is really more of a book than a guide. Originally published in 2006 and updated as recently as last month, it is available as a PDF and is accompanied by a zipped file of sample scripts. Chapters include:
Chapter 1Before You Begin
Chapter 2Shell Script Basics
Chapter 3Shell Input and Output
Chapter 4Flow Control, Expansion, and Parsing
Chapter 5Result Codes, Chaining, and Flags
Chapter 6Subroutines, Scoping, and Sourcing
Chapter 7Paint by Numbers
Chapter 8Regular Expressions Unfettered
Chapter 9How AWK-ward
Chapter 10Designing Scripts for Cross-Platform Deployment
Chapter 11Advanced Techniques
Chapter 12Performance Tuning
Chapter 13Shell Script Security
Appendix ASpecial Shell Variables
Appendix BOther Tools and Information
Appendix CStarting Points
Appendix DAn Extreme Example:
The Monte Carlo (Bourne) Method for Pi
Appendix E Historical Footnotes and Arcana

/nix | Jul 14, 2011

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