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A lightweight Linux distro for netbook users #

or anyone else who prefers less cruft and more speed, CrunchBang is based on Debian and rocks the snappy Openbox window manager:

CrunchBang screenshot

The primary aim of the CrunchBang project is to produce a stable distribution offering the best possible out-of-the-box Openbox experience. To achieve this goal, CrunchBang pulls many base packages directly from Debian's repositories, which are well-known for providing stable and secure software. Packages from CrunchBang's own repositories are then customised and pinned to the system to produce what is known as the CrunchBang distro.

Put simply; CrunchBang could be thought of as a layer built on top of Debian, specifically to provide a great Openbox experience.

/nix | Aug 11, 2013

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