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Missing Sync for Palm OS won't launch #

After installing Missing Sync for Palm OS 6.0.4 on Tiger 10.4.11, the application refused to launch. Its icon would simply bounce in the Dock for 20 seconds or so before crashing completely. The Console revealed this error:
Missing Sync for Palm OS[335] An uncaught exception was raised
Missing Sync for Palm OS[335] *** -[NSPlaceholderString initWithString:]: nil argument
fseventer did not turn up any clues as to where it might be hanging, so we made a new OS X user account; sure enough, Missing Sync worked fine there. We moved the old user data to the new user account, and everything worked beautifully. For a while.

After another hour or two worth of installs, data migration, etc, the same error returned. It took a nontrivial amount of time to finally isolate the culprit: the new user's Movies folder had been moved to an external hard drive and that drive was unmounted. When Missing Sync launched, it would crash if it could not find the Movies folder (even though syncing movies had been disabled earlier).

One final problem was with the Mark/Space Notebook: the categories imported just fine, but none of the memos. These instructions did the trick: Overwrite your desktop data with the handheld device. The process makes iSync (which normally doesn't offer an option for the handheld to overwrite the desktop) see all of the memos on the Palm as newer than those in Mark/Space Notebook, which it overwrites.

/palm | May 05, 2009

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