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Batch convert TXT to PalmDOC (PDB) and back #

txt2pdbdoc "is a Unix-based Text-to-Doc file conversion program". I have compiled it for Windows using Cygwin: txt2pdbdoc.7z.*


C:\>txt2pdbdoc.exe [options] document_name file.txt file.pdb

Batch conversion:

C:\>for %f in (*.txt) do (txt2pdbdoc.exe %~nf %f %~nf.pdb)

* If you prefer compiling your own binary from source under Windows:

  1. Download and unzip txt2pdbdoc
  2. Install Cygwin with dev tools
  3. Run Cygwin and cd to txt2pdbdoc-master directory extracted in step 0
  4. $ autoreconf -fiv
  5. $ ./configure
  6. $ make
  7. txt2pdbdoc.exe will be created in the txt2pdbdoc-master\src directory

/palm | Nov 05, 2015

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