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Mozy on the move #

Mozy (the zen-like online backup service) has been mentioned once or twice in this space. These guys continue to outdo themselves with phenomenal service, support, and updates. Check out their latest press release or this recent email:
1. Mozy 1.6 is here, and it's MUCH better than the previous version! 
- Auto-upgrade support
- Faster application load times
- Smarter backup scheduling
- Smarter open file support
- Smarter network connectivity (auto-retries, etc.)
- Unicode support
- Documentation

2. Mozy pay option is here - best priced backup anywhere!
- $19.95 per year for 5GB
- $29.95 per year for 10GB
- $39.95 per year for 20GB

3. The Mozy referral program is here - help save the world!
- Get +1GB of quota for every 4 referrals. (See website for details.)
Sadly, I have no stake in Mozy (financial or otherwise), but heartily recommend it to friends/family/clients on a regular basis.

/windows | Apr 06, 2006

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