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Windows 7 includes a system recovery disc creator #

Microsoft has provided a Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) boot disc creator in Windows 7. The tool made a brief appearance in Vista SP1 beta, though it was pulled from the final release (workaround).

To create the recovery disc, go to: Control Panel > Backup and Restore > Create a system recovery disc, or launch directly from %windir%\system32\recdisk.exe. (The Windows 7 installation disc also includes the system recovery tools. Just boot from the disc and choose "Repair your computer" to access them.)

Tools include: automatic startup repair, System Restore, complete PC restore from backup image, memory diagnostic tool, and command prompt, as seen below:

Tags: Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT), Winternals Administrator's Pak, ERD Commander

/windows | Aug 01, 2009

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