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Best lightweight antivirus #

DefenseWall is actually a HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System), not antivirus. In my testing, it is much more effective at preventing malware infections than definition-based antivirus applications. Remove-Malware.com also offers a strong recommendation (albeit with annoying affiliate downloads instead of a link to the homepage). The developer of DefenseWall, Ilya Rabinovich, responded to inquiries rapidly, and generously offered a discount for a family in need. The app particularly shines on older hardware which traditional antivirus products (and even the "light" Panda Cloud Antivirus) slow to a crawl. After hours perfecting the ideal install for a worthy cause, it's nice to know that DefenseWall (along with user education) will keep it safe and clean.

Postscript: Two similar freeware applications, DriveSentry 3.3 and GeSWall 2.9 did not work out; the former due to its bloated size (over 50MB download compared to around 3MB for DefenseWall) and the latter since it does not work on FAT32-formatted drives.

/windows | Aug 16, 2009

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