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Ghost / phantom / invisible appointments in Dentrix 11 Appointment Book #

are caused by "Long Appointments", i.e., appointments scheduled for more than 240 minutes. Messages like Operatory is already scheduled for requested time! and Provider is already doubled scheduled for requested time. Another scheduling is not permitted. are common when trying to add appointments in an apparently available time slot. (Yes, "doubled scheduled" is in the original - should be "double scheduled" or perhaps "double booked", which would sound more natural.)

To resolve this issue, download ftp://ftp.dentrix.com/Pub/DENTRIX/11/ac.dtx. Rename it to abconv.exe and move to C:\Program Files\Dentrix\. Before running, make sure Dentrix is closed on all stations (including the server) and that you have multiple backup copies of your data.

Running the tool should remove the ghost appointments and allow those times/operatories to be scheduled again. Check the log file (C:\Program Files\Dentrix\Doc\EXPORTS\ABConv33.log by default) for lines containing "Long Appointment" and manually adjust appointments in Appointment Book to under 240 minutes if necessary.

Sample output from ABConv33.log:

  Appt Book Conversion Problem Log - 04/22/11

Error Patient Name Date Time Length Provider
Long Appointment Doe, John 01/05/2011 8:0 300 NAME
Long Appointment Doe, John 01/06/2011 8:0 300 NAME

Additional notes:

/windows | Sep 11, 2011

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