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Batch export IncrediMail 2 mail folders #

to eml files with the open source Reynardware Incredimail Converter 0.53 (aka incredimail-converter-reynardware). A few notes about the process: UPDATE: Just stumbled onto the RIC help file, which contains some interesting details:
Technical Background on the Incredimail Xe Database
An Incredimail Xe database consists of three files. The first Incredimail file is where all the emails are stored and has an extension of .imm. It should be noted that the .imm files do not contain any attachments, just the raw email. The second Incredimail file contains index information for the .imm file and this file has an extension of .imh, or also known as the header file. The information in this header file includes the sender, receiver, subject, etc. The final piece is the attachment directory. The attachment directory contains all the attachments which Incredimail receives. This includes your pictures, documents, programs, etc. All three pieces, .imm, .imh, and the attachment directory, must be present for ReynardWare Converter to properly convert a Incredimail Xe Database.

Technical Background on the Incredimail 2 Database
An Incredimail 2 database is almost exactly the same as the Incredimail Xe database except there are no longer any .imh files. The header files are replaced with one SQLite 3 database file called containers.db. This database file contains the same information as the .imh files in the Incredimail Xe format.

/windows | Nov 01, 2011

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