tinyapps.org / docs / Backup and restore drive images with Drive SnapShot 1.3

Drive SnapShot 1.3 is a tiny but powerful drive imaging app for Windows:

1. Create Image

Creating an image could not be easier. Launch snapshot.exe from within Windows, then click "Backup Disk to File":

Drive Snapshot screenshot 1

Choose the volume you wish to image:

Drive Snapshot screenshot 2

Choose the destination location and file name:

Drive Snapshot screenshot 3

You can also set Advanced Options:

Drive Snapshot screenshot 4

That's it! The 1GB+ image was created in just over 2 minutes, while several other Windows apps continued to run!

Drive Snapshot screenshot 5

2. Browse Image Contents

Image files can be mapped and explored as virtual drives, allowing you the opportunity to grab any files and folders included in the image:

Drive Snapshot screenshot 6

Drive Snapshot screenshot 7

Drive Snapshot screenshot 8

3. Restore Image

To restore a system partition, the computer must be started from a DOS floppy (which the optional Drive Snapshot installer can create for you). Thanks to the included UDMA DOS driver (by Latschezar Georgiev) the restore process was only 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and data verification finished within 1 minute:

Drive Snapshot screenshot 9

Drive SnapShot 1.3 is 130k, requires no installation, backs up and restores drive images incredibly fast, and can backup the system partition while it's in use. This last feature makes it especially useful for servers which must not be shutdown or rebooted.

created: 2004.08.19