Back up the Rosetta 2 installer for offline use #



  1. Download and install Rosetta 2:
    % softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license

  2. Find path to installer:
    % grep RosettaUpdateAuto.pkg /var/log/install.log

  3. Copy installer for safekeeping:
    % cp /path/to/RosettaUpdateAuto.pkg /path/to/backup/dir/


  1. Turn on new M1 Mac mini, keeping it disconnected from Internet

  2. Copy Intel-only app to /Applications and attempt to launch:
    To open 'nvALT', you need to install Rosetta. Do you want to install it now?

  3. Select "Not Now"

  4. Run RosettaUpdateAuto.pkg installer:
    RosettaUpdateAuto installer window

  5. Relaunch nvALT - success:
    nvALT window


/mac | Mar 27, 2021

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