An embarrassment of riches #

Claus recently mentioned ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver and its author Olof Lagerkvist in such glowing terms that I had to have a look. In short, I was floored. Olof has crafted dozens of open source tiny apps, virtually all of which run under Windows 95 through 7 (some even under Windows 3.x!). Even better, he is one of the few Microsoft Visual C++ developers who shuns msvcrt.dll:
These binaries are compiled with the free version of Microsoft Visual C++. They are not linked with the standard C or C++ libraries that comes with this compiler, instead they are linked with a dynamic library I call minwcrt (Minimal Windows C Run-Time Library) linking them to crtdll.dll instead of msvcrt.dll. This makes them run in all versions of Win32 without additional dll files. This is also the reason why the exe files are very small. Source for this library is available as part of the source archive mentioned in the top of this document.
Here is just a smattering of the many apps available:

/windows | Mar 07, 2010

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