"Access is denied" when attempting to copy green files #

While copying a large number of files with via FastCopy (which, BTW, is great for resuming interrupted file transfers or uni-directional syncing, as it is crazy fast and can be set to skip files that exist in the destination), a number of "Access is denied" messages appeared. Closer inspection revealed these errors to be on green colored filenames, indicating that they were encrypted with EFS (blue colored filenames indicate compressed files). The user never intentionally encrypted any files; one source states this issue may be caused by unzipping compressed files in Windows that had been generated on a Mac. I've never seen this in practice or in testing, though the normally hidden (and useless) __MACOSX does appear as encrypted.

Rather than manually unencrypting each file (Properties > Advanced > uncheck "Encrypt contents to secure data" > OK > OK), I used:

cipher /D /S:C:\Users\user\Documents

then copied just the newly-unencrypted files like so (filelist.txt being the list of uncopied files from FastCopy):

for /f "delims=" %i in (filelist.txt) do copy %i E:\target

/windows | Jul 14, 2013

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