Synchronize, backup, or copy files and folders #

with SyncFolders. Features include: versioning (including auto cleanup of old versions), filtering, previewing, scheduling (via Windows' Task Scheduler), verifying (via CRC32, MD5, or SHA-1 hash), launching via command line, support for long file names and UNC paths, and more. Does not natively support VSS, but can be paired with ShadowSpawn to copy in-use files after configuring and saving job rules in the GUI; e.g.,

shadowspawn.exe C:\Users\foo Q: "C:\Program Files\SyncFolders\SyncFolders.exe" /background /synchronize C:\Users\foo\Documents\backup.rls /log:C:\logs\backuplog.txt


  1. Runs ShadowSpawn.
  2. Mounts shadowed version of C:\Users\foo to Q:.
  3. Runs SyncFolders
  4. in the background,
  5. executing (rather than previewing)
  6. the backup.rls rule file,
  7. and logging results to backuplog.txt.

(To prevent "You do not have write access to folder Q:." when using this procedure, uncheck "Use local database to track file changes" in the Advanced tab for the rule.)

SyncFolders is unrestricted freeware and requires the .NET Framework.

/windows | May 17, 2016

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