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Very slow copying LibreOffice.app from dmg to /Applications #

Copying LibreOffice.app's 771.4MB (13,307 files) from LibreOffice_6.0.2_MacOS_x86-64.dmg (235.9MB) into /Applications took over three minutes* on a MacBook Pro with a SSD and 16GB of RAM via Finder (rsync and cp were similarly sluggish).

By way of comparison, Android Studio.app's 846.9MB (10,720 files) copied from android-studio-ide-162.3871768-mac.dmg (445.8MB) via Finder in just fifteen seconds.

However, after zipping LibreOffice.app via OS X's built-in Compress command, it could be unzipped in less than twenty seconds via the default handler (Archive Utility). Why is copying from the dmg file so much slower? Perhaps The Document Foundation could offer a zip file rather than (or in addition to) the sluggardly dmg.

* (On first launch, there was another thirty second delay while "Verifying 'LibreOffice.app'..."; clear the quarantine attribute beforehand to avoid: xattr -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/LibreOffice.app)



/mac | Mar 05, 2018

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