Closest thing to having superpowers #

when handling digital photos and videos: Phil Harvey's sedulously-crafted ExifTool, "a platform-independent Perl library plus a command-line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in a wide variety of files".

That description hardly does it justice; here's a taste of what's possible from the Renaming and/or Moving Files section:

By writing a new value to the FileName and/or Directory tags, files can be renamed and/or moved to different directories. This can be a very powerful tool in combination with the -d (date format) option for organizing images by date/time. For example, the following command renames all images in directory "DIR" according to the individual file's creation date in the form "YYYYmmdd_HHMMSS.ext".

exiftool "-FileName<CreateDate" -d "%Y%m%d_%H%M%S.%%e" DIR

Or a new directory can be specified by setting the value of the Directory tag. For example, the following command moves all images originally in directory "DIR" into a directory hierarchy organized by year/month/day:

exiftool "-Directory<DateTimeOriginal" -d "%Y/%m/%d" DIR

Read here for more details about this powerful feature.

For Windows users who prefer a GUI, check out Kim Jensen's Advanced Renamer which includes ExifTool among a host of other renaming tools.

/misc | Aug 13, 2020

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