Brother MFC: Change Scan to PC name #

The Brother MFC-L8905CDW (among many other models) assigns touchscreen Scan to PC names based on the current Windows computer name; changing the computer name after initial setup will not change the Scan to PC name, nor does the manual explain how (or even if) the Scan to PC name can be changed. Moreover, neither ControlCenter4 nor Web Based Management (password info) offer any means to edit the Scan to PC name.

Thanks to timdotexe's decade-old post (which links to a long-dead Brother page missing from, an amplified and updated instruction set has been cobbled together for changing the Brother Scan to PC name under Windows 10 & 11:

  1. Launch "C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Viewer\ImagingDevices.exe"*
  2. Highlight the device name (e.g., "Brother MFC-L8900CDW LAN") then click the "Properties" button
  3. Click the "Scan To Button" tab and change the Display Name as desired → OK → Close
  4. Reboot the printer


* As alluded to in timdotexe's post, another method is via Control Panel → search for "scanner" → click "View scanners and cameras". The program filename is "ImagingDevices.exe", the window title is "Scanners and Cameras", and the running process is labeled "Imaging Devices Control Panel".

On one Windows 11 install, a reboot was required for the scanner to appear in Scanners and Cameras.


Subsequent digging has unearthed the necessary steps on, albeit for a very different and much older device, the ADS-2500We:

and this reddit thread was also found to contain the secret.

/windows | Feb 12, 2023

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