skipping (or creating empty files for) some contacts on vCard export #


Some contacts would not export to vCard from, instead exhibiting the following behavior:


Tested in macOS 12.6.1 Monterey and 13.2.1 Ventura with local (i.e., "On My Mac") contacts:

  1. Launch

  2. Select "Workflow" and click "Choose"

  3. Select "Contacts" under "Library"

  4. Drag "Get Selected Contacts Items" into the workflow area at right and leave it set to the default "Get selected people"

  5. Drag "Export vCards" under that, select either "one vCard" or "individual vCard" from the "Export" dropdown menu, and select a destination in the "to:" dropdown menu

  6. In, select desired contacts to export

  7. In Automator, click Run

Exporting recalcitrant contacts with Automator




/mac | Feb 19, 2023

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