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Forget eBooks, Kindle offers free web access #

The Kindle is a swell eBook reader, but where it really shines is in offering free web access anywhere in the U.S. via Sprint's EVDO network. Most reviewers fail to appreciate just how cool this is, instead lamenting over the lack of support for streaming media, etc: Mike Elgan is one of the few who gets it (Don't tell Amazon, but its e-book reader does e-mail, RSS feeds and calendaring), though the true potential is revealed by xkcd:

(Mad props to Josh Sommers for sending this in)

So what can you do with free, anytime/anywhere text-based browsing? If Amazon ever decides to cancel or charge for web access, just tether the Kindle to your computer and you're back online (albeit without the same convenience).

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/eink | Apr 30, 2009

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