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Concatenate multiple HTML files into a single EPUB file #

via Sigil:
  1. "File" > "Add" > "Existing Files..."
  2. select desired HTML files
  3. "File" > "Save As..." > set filename and destination for EPUB.
Since Kindle e-Readers inexplicably do not support EPUB, users can convert the generated EPUB file to MOBI with calibre:
  1. "Add books" > select desired EPUB file
  2. "Convert books" > Output format: "MOBI" > "OK"
  3. After conversion, right click title > "Open containing folder" > copy MOBI file to Kindle

UDPATE 1: Combine multiple HTML files into a single PRC ebook

UDPATE 2: Ken Turner's open source htmlcat Perl script (crafted back in 1998) still works great for combining any number of HTML files into a single one, which can be easily converted to other formats (e.g., MOBI via Amazon's KindleGen, etc).

/eink | Feb 26, 2015

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