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Burning ISO images in OS X #

Unlike Windows (which requires third-party software like ISO Recorder), OS X can burn ISO images to CD-R from the command line: hdiutil burn filename.iso


UPDATE: Garrett kindly wrote in to share a GUI method for burning ISOs:

  1. Insert a blank CD.
  2. Click "Ignore" if prompted for an action.
  3. Double click on the ISO file you wish to burn.
  4. It will mount the ISO on your desktop and open a Finder window (which you can close, but do not unmount the ISO image).
  5. Launch Disk Utility
  6. In the left column, click once on the name of the ISO image that you double clicked and mounted.
  7. Click the "Burn" icon at the top left of the Disk Utility program.
  8. A dialog will offer a few last minute options/settings, then click the "Burn" button.

/mac | Feb 02, 2006

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