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ISyncInvalidRecordException ISyncSession record validation failure #

Missing Sync for Palm OS reported the following after syncing:

It sounded like a phone number was in an email address field.

When asked how to find the affected contact record(s), a Mark/Space tech replied that he did not know of any way to identity the specific record based on the ID number, and that I should "reset the Sync History of Sync Services and try again".

Instead, I decided to create a Smart Group in Address Book (Address Book > New Smart Group... > Card > has changed in 7 days > OK). Sure enough, I found the contact record which had a phone number in the email address field, removed it, synced again, and the problem was solved.

Anyone know how to find the affected contact from just the ID? Poking around in ~/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local and ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook with grep and ack did not turn up any clues. mail@tinyapps.org

/mac | Jun 14, 2011

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