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Copying OS X install ISO to portable drive #

Disk Utility's Restore function fails with errors like: but asr works like a charm:

$ sudo asr -noverify -source SnowLeopard.iso -target /Volumes/target

The same command can used to create bootable copies of the startup disk à la SuperDuper! and Carbon Copy Cloner (may need to follow with bless -folder /Volumes/target/System/Library/CoreServices, though the man page states "By default, asr will restore in place, and will not bless any folders. If --erase is specified, any blessed folders on the source will also be blessed on the target. bless -info /Volumes/<vol> will display current blessed folders for the given volume.").

In Lion and later, the -erase option seems to be required, i.e.,

$ sudo asr -noverify -source SnowLeopard.iso -target /Volumes/target -erase

/mac | Dec 07, 2012

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