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iPhoto - Delete thumbnails of missing images #

(i.e., those that appear as exclamation points when opened) with Thomas Tempelmann's Tag Missing Files AppleScript:
Checks if the original (or master) images are still accessible (you might have deleted the originals, or maybe they're just on another media or network volume that's currently not present). If these files are missing, they're tagged with the keyword "missing-file". You can then select those and delete them or handle them in other ways. To use, simply open iPhoto, then open this script. It will then check all your images in your library. You can also change it to check only select items in your library. To do that, open the .app file with Script Editor (inside /Applications/Utilities/) and change the setting for appliesToEntireLibrary from true to false, then save and re-run it.
Also included in the archive are "Tag non-RAW and RAW+ images" as well as "iPhoto Remove Duplicates" (which is reportedly not yet reliable).

/mac | Apr 15, 2014

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