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Creating email forwarders to external addresses in Google Apps (Free) #

In this example, tinyapps.org email is hosted on Google Apps (Free), john@tinyapps.org is the forwarder we want to create, and john@example.com is where we want the mail delivered.
  1. Login to Google Apps Domain Management as admin
  2. Click "Groups"
  3. Click "Create a new group"
  4. Enter "john" for Group name
  5. Enter "john" for Group email address
  6. Enter description if desired
  7. Under "Access level", check "Team" and "Also allow anyone on the Internet to post messages"
  8. Click "Create new group"
  9. Under "Add new members" type john@example.com
  10. Click "Add"
See also: Auto Forward inbound emails to external address

/misc | May 29, 2012

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